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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Boxing is no longer the fitness world’s best-kept secret — it’s more popular than ever.

That’s because it’s one of the best TOTAL-body workouts you can do. But for some, stepping into a boxing gym can be pretty intimidating and not so fresh...

So we're adding it to my NetFit platform. Happy Birthday to ME!! Our Super Trainer Joel will teach you the fundamentals of boxing and how to build killer combinations — jab, cross, roll, uppercut, hook, one after another, just like the movie Creed.

Speaking of Creed, did you see his body in that movie? Boxing gives you that serious shred!

In 10 Rounds, Joel shows you how every single punch actually begins at your feet, burns up through your hips, intensifies as you torque your core, and explodes all the way through your fists.

With each punch, you’re engaging your entire body, and gaining a deep muscle burn that will help scorch fat and calories and get your body in serious boxing shape.

It’s intense, but it’s also a lot of fun.

What IS 10 Rounds?

The 6 week program focuses on getting you “lean & mean” with a total body transformation.

You’ll do 10 rounds of boxing moves 3 times a week, and 2 days a week you’ll be strength training to increase your power and strength!

All of the workouts are 30-40 minutes, and Joel’s calorie burn has been about 500 calories per workout! (If you do the math, 500 x 7 = 3500= 1 pound...I'm sure chasing your kiddos or dog can take care of the other 2 days right?!?)

The workouts are designed to help you increase your total body strength, agility, speed, and endurance. And make no mistake – it’s going to challenge you mentally too! The last minute of each workout is going to have a killer intense burnout!

You won’t be hitting a heavy bag or sparring partner. Instead, you’ll be doing it the way boxers spend the bulk of their training time — shadowboxing.

“We’re going to build killer combinations of punches and footwork, with a heavy emphasis on repetition, to create deep grooves of muscle memory,” Joel explains.”I want you to get out of your head, stop overthinking the moves, and let your body do what I’ve taught it to do. All you have to do is give me intensity with every punch.”

The boxing workouts are broken up into 10 rounds, 3 minutes each. You’ll focus on punching combinations and footwork that will progress over the 6 weeks.

The 3 boxing days are combined with conditioning drills that help build:

  1. Power by using body weight to increase lean muscle mass

  2. Speed/agility with fast footwork that will push you into high-intensity spikes of fat burning

  3. Endurance to boost performance so you can burn more calories faster. There will also be some “all-out, burnout drills” where you’ll punch as fast as you can, so you’re completely spent at the end of the round.

You can also crank up the burn by using Beachbody Resistance Loops on your legs to get your stance as strong as possible.

To keep you motivated and MOVING, every workout features music that will drive your rhythm and give you the energy to pack the most into every punch..you know I like my beats.

The two days of weightlifting workouts include one day of Upper Body to build strength and power and one day of Lower Body/Legs.

Get ready to crush your goals in just 6 weeks.

Are You Ready to Sweat?

This is an intermediate workout that will keep your shirt soaked, round after round. If you’re looking for results that are visible and powerful, 10 Rounds will help you get “lean & mean.”

It’s easy to learn, but you’ve got to give it your all.

Want to lose weight? Get cut? Shed pounds and reveal those abs? 10 Rounds will help you get the head-turning results you’ll love to show off.


  • Men and women looking for an intense boxing workout at home.

  • Women looking to tone up.

  • Men looking to get ripped.

  • Intermediate to advanced exercisers.

  • Someone who gets bored doing the same routines (new workouts every time!)

  • Anyone looking to get in a tough workout in just 30-40 minutes

What Nutrition Do I Need?

Since you’ll be asking a lot of your body, we need to make sure it's fueled to give everything!!

So, that means daily Shakeology, which is packed with a potent blend of proteins, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals — nutrients that can help you feel and perform at your best so you’re ready to step in the ring for 10 Rounds.

I'm not doing anything without my Preworkout (and I advise you to do the same) to help boost energy and endurance and Recover to help promote muscle protein synthesis and growth and support your body’s recovery with critical protein.

The program comes with a guide to Nutrition, with guidance on how to create healthy, sustainable eating habits for lasting wellness, fitness, and weight loss.

When Can I Get my Hands on 10 Rounds?

It’ll be available to Coaches on March 9, 2020. If you’re thinking about coaching, one of the perks is we can order a program before anyone else...game changer.

Early Access to Beachbody’s 10 Rounds will officially start on April 6, 2020 though! Joel will also be hosting a special group for anyone with early access as well!

The workout will be available to all Beachbody on Demand customers for no additional charge in October 2020.

So you ready to go 10 Rounds with me? Fill out this form and I will be in touch!

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