Kang Chengye: The documentary should grow on everyone’s attention

  In April of this year, the 19th China (Guangzhou) International Documentary Festival announced the list of outstanding documentaries of Jin Hongmian.Among them, the short film "All Road Elephant", which presented the story of the Yunnan Wild Elephant Qunqun to the north, was awarded the "China Story Excellent Documentary Short Film".

This is the second time the director Kang Chengye has won the award. The last award -winning work was called "Winter to Spring Return", which recorded the story of many ordinary people in the context of the epidemic. From the perspective of Kang Chengye, the documentary must "grow on everyone’s attention" and "find the answer that everyone wants to explore"; the documentary is a drama created by real materials. ; The current popular mesh, short video -style fast -paced, and other creative skills can make a documentary icing on the cake … Recently, the reporter of Yangcheng Evening News dialogue director Kang Chengye, listening to him about the story behind the scenes of "The North" creative story and the industry. The journey of the heart.

  Borrowing "Human Plastic Relationship" tells the way of Chinese people to get along on August 8, 2021, Yunnan Wild Asian Elephant Group "Short -nose Family" spans the Yuanjiang River and returns to the habitat safely. This journey of "north and south", which lasted for 17 months and more than 1,300 kilometers, has triggered the "onlookers" of the world. Many people still remember the most circled "Elephant Sleeping" photo: Elephant Group Collective Collective Collective Collective Anyun "lying flat", the elephant surrounded the elephant in the middle, and the corners of their mouths raised as if they were smiling. Kang Chengye initially paid attention to the Elephant Qunqian incident because of this photo. As the media reports and the popularity of netizens’ discussion became higher and higher, he began to be curious: Why did Elephant Qun move north? "This attracts us to explore and discover. Only by standing next to the truth can we discover the truth. We do documentary to reach the first scene." After a brief discussion, the crew team composed of more than a dozen people set off immediately. However, when the elephant group was in Yuxi, Yunnan, Kang Chengye found that more people would interfere with the elephant group and need to keep a distance from the elephant group. "‘ Keeping distance ’may not be able to take the ultimate elephant activities, but in the face of wonderful and goodwill, we choose the latter.

Because of this, we see the vivid people around the elephant group, and the theme of the Chinese people’s way to get along with the theme of the Chinese people is gradually formed. "Kang Chengye said that the name used when the film was declared" "Laybyyours"), "This name may express the content we want to explore." "The three generations of the family are moving." Some netizens said, did the elephant leave without protecting Xishuangbanna? "With the same question, Kang Chengye took a group of people to the hometown of the" short -nose family " -Yunnan Xishuangna Nature Reserve. There, he got a negative answer:" We found in the investigation that it was precisely exactly that it was exactly that it was exactly that it was it. The protection work is very good. The wild Asian elephant has increased from 100 to more than 400 heads. At the same time, because the rainforest is well protected, the vegetation is more dense. So, it will naturally spread.

"Xishuangbanna’s trip impressed Kang Chengye, and was a forest guard who worked in the protected area. He was still deeply moved:" He grew up with elephants from an early age, and he is a ‘person who chases elephants’ His father is also a "person who chases the elephant", and his son will also want to be a "chasing elephant" in the future. There are many such families in the local area. Two or three generations are engaged in the protection of elephants. When the people and elephants get along, the sense of harmony reveal is not without species and species. Essence

"Use the network -sensitive documentary film can draw closer to" The North "and there is also a topic of talked about people -another director of this film is infinite small and bright. Influential Copher. Kang Chengye said that the addition of infinite Xiaoliang’s finishing touch: "He is a popular science author and a staff member of the" China National Geographic "magazine, which can help us improve the content. In addition, he also makes this content feel more Internet.

"From the perspective of Kang Chengye, if you need to consider the depth and artistry of the content of the documentary, you may miss a part of the mass of the public, and then generate a sense of distance from the public.

"" All the way to the North "we do a relatively more internet, more like the rhythm of short videos currently popular, this is also our attempt.

At the beginning, we did not feel successful, but this time it was recognized by the Golden Red Cotton Awards. In a sense, I think it is also a recognition and encouragement of our predecessors to explore this style.

"Documentary is a drama created with real materials. In addition, Kang Chengye also has his own thinking in his creative concept:" When I now communicate with others, I am not very inclined to say that this is a documentary. My name is my name. Its documentary drama. I think the documentary is also a drama presented by real themes. It is no different from the TV series and online dramas we see, but I am using real materials to create.

At this time, when you believe that this is true for the first time, the degree of movement it brings to you will definitely know that it is the degree of moving the story that assumes the story.

"Is the documentary going to make things that are not known to everyone, or do you pay attention to everyone? Kang Chengye chose the latter," I think there is no right or wrong, just two different tendencies ", so he pays attention to the epidemic Pay attention to the moving north of the elephant group and pay attention to the "anxiety point of the times". He admits: "Why do most people don’t want to watch documentary? It is because you do not solve everyone’s needs. For example, why the film "Shengmen" is so hot, because it focuses on the fertility anxiety issues that everyone pays attention to.

When our content grows on everyone’s attention, or when we are looking for an answer that everyone wants to explore, I think someone will be willing to see it. "(Reporter Wang Li intern Guo Yihui).