Representative Yang Xuemei: Support Henan to build a national innovation highland

Yang Xuemei, deputy to the National People’s Congress and the principal of the School of Science and Technology of Huanghe.

The interviewee’s picture is a representative of the National People’s Congress from the field of education. Yang Xuemei, the president of the School of Science and Technology of the Yellow River, said, "Henan, as a large economic province, a large population province, needs innovation and dependence on innovation than ever before. This is inseparable from the country. Policy support.

"During the two sessions, she submitted" suggestions on supporting the construction of a national innovation highland for the construction of a national innovation in Henan. "Representative Yang Xuemei stated that Henan, as a national economic province, a large population province, and a large education province. In the process of serving the national development strategy and building a new development pattern, innovation and dependence on innovation are needed than ever before, and the hoof is steady and long -term. Scientific and technological innovation work focuses on the new stage of development and new development concepts, seize the strategic opportunities of building a new development pattern, and proposes the long -view goal of building Henan into a national innovation highland in 2035.

"The construction of modern Henan is in innovation and the foundation is educating.

"Yang Xuemei said that building a first -class innovation ecology and building a national innovation highland is a major decision -making arrangement made by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

The Eleventh Party Congress of the Province puts innovation at the starting point of development and the core location of modern construction, and proposes the implementation of innovation -driven, science and education provincial provinces, and uses it as the "Top Ten Strategy". National innovation highland and building a strategic goal of important talent centers nationwide. Representative Yang Xuemei said: "Whether it is higher education reform, the reform of the scientific and technological system, or the cooperation of industry -university -research, and strengthening national strategic scientific and technological forces, it is a hard -to -stream. Promoting the implementation of various reforms is also inseparable from the support of national policies. "On behalf of Yang Xuemei, Yang Xuemei suggested to increase policy support for Henan higher education. Through provincial and ministerial construction and increased financial support, promote the high -quality development of Henan higher education, support the "double first -class" construction of Henan universities, allow more Henan universities to enter the national "double first -class" construction, promote Henan Province higher education Going towards large and strong, big and excellent. Adhere to high starting points, high standards, and high levels, and support Henan to accelerate the preparation of high -level Chinese and foreign cooperative universities and electronic information, aerospace, sports art universities, increase the number of "one book" university in Henan, increase the "one book" admission rate. Promote the upgrading of Henan higher education, and build a group of high -level universities as soon as possible, so that the majority of Henan students can realize the wish of a good university at their doorstep. In addition, Yang Xuemei’s representative suggested that the central government’s financial support, supporting Henan to improve the quality of graduate education, increased the investment in doctoral education, and guided the support of high -level application -oriented undergraduate universities, private universities, and vocational colleges to improve the level of running schools, carry out application -oriented graduate students Education, support its joint training with enterprises, support the establishment of "graduate joint training workstations", "graduate joint training base" and "graduate social practice base", explore the establishment of "industry -university -research" organic integration collaborative education model, build application types "Interchange Bridge" for talent growth. Support Henan universities to carry out new infrastructure construction, strive for large national scientific installations, layout of major scientific research base facilities in Henan, build a first -class innovation platform, gather first -class innovative talents, form first -class innovative ecology, produce first -class innovation results, and strive to create a new new new new new new new achievement. engine. (Responsible editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Share let more people see recommended reading.