Plateau "vegetable factory" harvest

  On November 3, a big snow dressing Karakulun Mountain. In the evening, the author followed Xinjiang and Tianjun District Shenxian Bay border anti-connected patrol team returned to the yard, the branches of the green radish on the window sill have climbed half a meter long, and the barracks were mixed with green. Inside the restaurant, fresh vegetables such as Shanghai green, spinach, oil wheat vegetables are particularly attractive under the reflection of the red oil hot pot.

  "These vegetables come from the ‘vegetable factory’, 100% added pollution, the company can eat vegetable hot pots every week!" Shenxian Bay side guarded the Cooking team. Follow the warm thunder, the author came to a vegetable factory at about 300 meters from the Ying District, a beige cabin of about 10 meters, 2 meters wide and 3 meters high, appeared in the eye.

Inside the cabin, the green vegetables of the green oil is placed under the irradiation of the ultra-row of ultraviolet lamps, and the ventilation fan of the tail of the tail is blown with the warm air, and the vegetables appear to be green. At this time, the outdoor temperature of the Shenxian Bay House is close to less than 30 degrees Celsius, and the thermometer has a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. After a while, the forehead of the author took out the beads. The Shenxian Bay is located in the hinterland of the Karakun Mountain, which is 5380 meters above sea level. The oxygen content in the air is only 40% of the plain area, and the society is poor. In the past, we will guard the winter defense, and the source of vegetables will be sent. Mainly, it is difficult to continue to meet the demand for fresh vegetables.

  One year in the winter, Snow, the cabin is in the transportation of more than 1 meter thick snow, in order to make everyone eat winter vegetables, the company quickly organizes the snow, after two days of repair, the vehicle will only open the return area However, when everyone opened the tarpaul, it found that the vegetables have already been frozen. The dark brown vegetable leaves are scattered on the ground. The officers and men will not be thrown, pick the bad leaves, leave the dishes, a Chinese cabbage is stripped into doll vegetables It is a spicy saucer, and the company has a good one month. "Today, vegetables are produced by square cabins, combined with vegetable greenhouses and vegetables sent by the vegetable car, and no longer have to worry about it.

"Wen Feng Lei introduced that the average daily vegetables of vegetable plants 7-8 kg, which probably produces 200 kilograms of vegetables per month, and the quality leap is achieved.

  The author took off a leaf into the mouth, and the fresh vegetable leaves were "咔" in the teeth, crisp.

Su Yongkang, in October last year, under the concern of the superior leading organs, "artificial optical vegetable factory" distribution Shenxian Bay border anti-connected, the cabin uses industrial intelligent model to produce vegetables, the temperature, ventilation control, automatic irrigation It can be set via a computer system, and the constant temperature system maintains a suitable temperature in the cabin, and the irrigation system can accurately control the water volume.

  In the green box, the author feels full of scientific skills.

The vegetable factory consists of two major sections of operation, between the cultivation, mainly controlling light, ventilation, watering, temperature and other systems, composed of 70 layers of seedlings, and can produce 5 for each layer of seedlings. Kim vegetable. When vegetables are still seeds, operators put seeds in seedling culture foam, and configure nutrient fluids at 1:400, automatic water-watering system to circulate the nutrients to the seedlings, and combined with ultraviolet lamp to simulate sunlight to help plant Role, after 30-40 days of cultivation, vegetables can be dining tables for officers and soldiers. "What kind of thing is it before?

"For the transformation of the history of the company, the Tourism Wang has a deep feeling. When the period, the winter defense phase plagued the biggest problem of the officers and soldiers, the" four famous dishes "and other" four famous dishes ", etc. The dining table of the officers and men, staring at "old and four" every day, and the officers and men often can’t afford your appetite.

  Once, Wang Xiangyang didn’t intend to turn out a bag of instant noodles in the sort of the warehouse. In order to tonize the gang, he cooked the instant noodles with a large pot and distributed officers and men. Although there is no a few noodles in the pan, everyone is sitting together, smelling different tastes, every person drinking soup feels extraordinary. As the saying goes, the food is connected with combat. The team sent cooking to local learning to improve soil, breeding grafting, field management, etc. In 2008, vegetable greenhouses rushed to the snow plateau, although the vegetable growth cycle is very long, but you can see green every day. One of the fun of officers and men.

  One to the weekend, the vegetable greenhouses became the green oxygen bar of officers and men.

Fire red pepper, green green vegetables, will dress it in life, everyone is reading here, giving a video call to the family, playing the guitar singing, a week’s fatigue suddenly smoking. Everyone is most concerned about tomatoes, affected by the highlands, tomatoes in the greenhouses can only grow to the car cherry, but each person tastes a bite, the officers and men said sweet. From the greenhouse to the vegetable factory, Wen Fenglie experienced the change of the hardware facilities in front of the frontline, fresh vegetables from "eat" to "eat", he deeply realized that the party and the country were deeply careful for the officers and men of the frontline guard. The company often received the condolence letter sent by other provinces. Wen Fenglei made the most fresh vegetable dehydration into specimens, encapsulated into the plastic bag, and attached to reply: "Children look, now 5380 meters above sea level There is also spring, we guard against the mountains, you must study hard in the mountains, I will make a person who contributes to society later. "" Now the company is not only fresh vegetables, sometimes can eat hairy crabs, this is the past Dare to think. "Wen Fengli said, now" health guard, happy guidance "is gradually become a fashion of the officers and soldiers," the days of chili sauce is not returned! "