Taiwan Media: Worried that "referendum" adverse green battalion began to play "Shu Shu"

  China Taiwan Net November 17th, Taiwan’s "United Daily" issued a signature article today, said four "referendum" at the end of the Taiwan area, the current situation is unfavorable to the Ministry of Public Advanced Party, and the external expedition green camp will look for the right topic, with operation "Anti-neutral preservation" to reverse the selection. Sure enough, there was a report of a close-time media with a report of the title of the title, and released the so-called "release of the Chinese Communistan" and penetration of Taiwan. "

  However, in the Ministry of Progressive Party, the issue will rise to the so-called "Guoan" level, complete the start of "Mango", and there is two episodes that seem to be unexpected. Not only did the original pace, but also reduced the credibility of the relevant narrative. First, the nursery film of the image of the image in the near future, the Ministry of Protection is constantly implied to the mainland, but the outside world generally believes that the dispute is caused. The Taiwan Land Commission responded to this matter with a "typical continental message attack", but also reminds the Taiwan people to pay attention to "whether the CCP is going to see the needle", it can be said that there is no silver 300 this place. The second is that the first couple have been involved in the "Wang Liqiang Emperor Case", and after recent two years of restrictions and investigations, the North Test is not prosecuted. This is equivalent to exposing the ridiculousness of the Ministry of Progressive Party to the "CCP’s CCP, Taiwan Election", and make the narrative of "Mango" almost credit.

  The article indicates that these periodic "feuds", basically not the small matter, it is proven to be purely fiction.

However, the reason why the DPP is not exhausted, and a fact that cannot be ignored is that past operations can usually have successfully triggered the fear or uneasiness of green voters, and effective condense supporters.

This represents the true or not, not the key to the script attractive.

  From a deeper perspective, the DPP and the green supporters really fear is that they have already taken real results or credible vision, and persuade people to vote to support the DPP. Therefore, "the drama" is alive is fiction, but the ability to appear is because it helps the Democratic Party and the greenhouse to escape their true fear. Green batts will make a fear first, then appease, or catch a sin lamb, you can give supporters’ sense of security, which is still controlled in the control, which in turn gives them support.

  Because in most cases, accept a seemingly controllable fictional threat, such as "Wang Liqiang’s spy case", will be more than being forced to face the true problem that he is actually unwilling to face, such as four "referents" Governance failed, more likely to attract voters in emotions.

After all, few people will want to see the truth being revealed, and then the current collapse is helpless and lost. The article pointed out that the people of the DPP is the most good, that is, because of the dilemma of the governance caused by ourselves, then through the constant confrontation of the mainland’s posture, give voters to make a distinct illusion. Under the tacit understanding of the reality of the supporter, the Ministry of Protection is often able to become a political winner.

But this is basically unhappy for solving the crisis and root of the ruling. The green camp continues to render the "Suspension of the Supper", and the four "referendum" is operated into a "anti-middle prepaid". This is the only message disclosed, which is to refuse the failure of the anti-province, and escape "Mango" narrative. It has gradually lost fear of persuasiveness. (China Taiwan Network Juanzi) [Editor: Guo Bi Juan].