The world’s first "full resin battery" factory settled in Japan, Fukui County, the beginning of the year

People’s Daily Network Tokyo June 7th According to the "Dynasty News" website, the subsidiary of Sanyang Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd., headquartered in Japan, has established the world’s first "full resin battery" mass production plant in Yueqi City, Fukui County. . It is reported that the battery is almost entirely consisting of resins in the future, and has a low cost, low storage capacity, small exterior, and facial facilities, which are small, and long-stored. Currently, the company intends to apply it to the fields such as solar power.

At the factory opening ceremony held on May 25, Sanyang Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. President Andao Xiaofu said: "The whole resin battery is a safe and cheap ultimate battery." APB said that he said in his confidence: "Battery The era of metal must be ended.

"It is expected that the plant will officially start the production of whole resin batteries in October this year, and sales will reach 90 billion yen after 5-6 years.

(Compilation: Zhang Mengchen School: Chen Jianjun) (Editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Yu).