Say goodbye to the "home" national football, still "actively fight"

  China Youth Daily Beijing November 15th (Zhong Youth Daily · Zhongqing Net Reporter Guo Jian) ??On November 16th, the national football team will meet the Australian team in the UAE Saja, this is the Qatar World Cup qualifier Asia The six-round competition of the District 12 Strong Group, for the national foothold of only the theoretical possibilities of the lead, relaxing, and playing a game that can represent its own highest level has been "qualified."

  5 rounds of 12 strong games only accumulate 4 points, only the theory of leaving, the national football coach Li Tie pressure is huge.

Visual China is mapped according to the status of the standings. If the national football is lost to the Australian team in this competition, the Japanese team (away against the Arkuna team) and the Saudi team (away from the Vietnamese team), the national football will determine the proceeding in advance – – Saudi team 13 points, Australian team 10 points, Japanese team 9 points, 4 points in the national level.

  The last time to show Aman, Luo Guofu, Luo Guo Fu, is deliberately expressed by personal social media today (Portuguese and Chinese) in the afternoon (Portuguese and Chinese): "Full of positive energy to meet the next game", this means that the national football is still Taking a positive gesture to lay a good "West Asian Bay" (National Football This year, I have already played 5 games in UAE). According to the reporter, the main coach Li Tie will not significantly adjust the starting lineup, this game with the Australian team, the second time in the 12th game, the national football team also strengthens aggression. The national football team will return to the country after the end of the competition, and after returning to the United Arab Emirates, after the relevant departments stipulate that the player will invest in the Sino-Chao League, the Super League has been suspended for 3 months, if Everything goes well, all competitions are expected to end mid-December. The next 7th round of the 12th Race, the 8th round of 12, will be conducted on January 27 and February 1, the national football should be in the two continuous scenes to the Japanese team and the Vietnamese team, no one dares to determine Whether the national football team can also invest in the Tournament of the 12th Race in a full battle. Editor in charge: Cao Jing.