Through the hiking of the students’ employment

In recent years, SMEs have been recruiting in the talent market, and college graduates have more enthusiasm for participation in the employment. This is not related to the social profession contemporary with SMEs. However, we are also obvious, today’s college students have experienced self-conscious awakening, consumerism baptisms and star culture’s smoking, not resting on the status quo, not safeguarding, they are less suffering from social contempt, and pursue their own Personality appeal and spiritual freedom.

Otherwise, some new professionals such as video UP main, pet photographers, family hosters, etc., are not all hooked with high, and why is there a new generation of young people, it is no longer Simply repeat the story of your generation, you are not willing to have a 996 overtime and mechanical monotonous pipeline for long-term moon, and do not want to withstand the ripedified company’s supervision and unfamiliar interpersonal relationship. Vulgar culture.

They would rather choose the "zero-labor economy", after all, there is the interests and freedom they want.

They prefer the "big factory" job, there is a more complete standard salary treatment, more stable training and expansion system and more diverse career development prospects.

"Innovation" is like an infinite big net, which will cover people’s social activities. We need to break the traditional thinking and path-dependent, in the institution’s change, the transformation of development and the liberation of the concept, the choice of track, more uncertainty of life, more new possibilities for development , Struggle to rush to the net of the employed internal cubicization. – Self-new road, have a blue sea with entrepreneurship. Independent entrepreneurship, clarifying the fate in their hands, have become a lot of college students’ conscious choice.

The popularity of social media and smartphones is also a more vast platform for the development of "digital tourists" development. Diverse work forms can not only improve their economic security, but also bring them full of life value. At the same time, the disruptive innovation of digital technology, the high-quality development of transition enterprises, and the growing demand for people, which are giving birth to another new career door and job position. This is a large-scale employment demand, and the young people’s specialty and interest are more fully released and improved here. – ??? is the first, accumulated rich human capital. In the case of the present, innovative society has been going to step, and the ability to make the employee has made a different scale.

The World Economic Forum proposes the top 10 work skills in the "Working Future" report: problem solving capacity, critical thinking, creativity, organizational management, teamwork, emotional, judgment, decision-making, service awareness, interpersonal communication Cognitive upgrade. From the traditional student in the traditional test education, those "small towns who are in the vast town", how to adhere to the trend, follow the future talent needs " . Life learning is a key to open the future. Improve our cognitive capacity, learning ability, and the ability of the labor market, constantly iterate, and update your knowledge and skills should be the only way out.

– Self-improvement, youth, youth, you will always struggle. Inner wound is already a hard existence, we can’t avoid it, and you don’t have to overheex. Competition always has pressure, stress, will have a force, and will also be competitive, and the opportunity to stir. In the squeezed squeezing, we are holding a rational choice, abandoning lying flat thinking, courageously participating in competition, winning competition, this is the avenue.

Youth is a warm bloom in a quarter, it is a long-distance run. Don’t choose, only "struggle". The real test of life, just arrived at this time.

Do a good job, there is an integration of artisan spirit. It is also necessary to have a long-term adherence to a life. If this is, when it will see the rock effect in the drip accumulation, see the power of the life.

In the scene of life, whether you are young white angels, young white angels, who are inherited, and the poverty alleviation is the dedication of the villagers to fight poverty, or many slash youth pick up family burden. All the way to run the hard work deeply moved.

Their mother’s year is the drum point of social progress, never stop; they are struggling for life, is the most beautiful scenery in the world.