The first sub-investment bank project in Liaoning Province was approved by $ 150 million in the amount of loan.

  Reporter Tang Jiali reported recently that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank approved the loan application for Liaoning Green Smart Bus Demonstration Project. The total investment of the project is about 100 million yuan, using the sub-investment bank billion dollars, the loan period is 25 years, the interest rate is about. On November 16, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Finance that the business is the first sub-investment bank project business in Liaoning Province, and is also one of the first batch of three loan projects in China, accounting for the total loan in the year. 1/4 of the scale. The loan landed in Liaoning, and implemented the Provincial Department of Finance to implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government increased "quality", and increased the work deployment of "green". For a while, Liaoning Province actively strives to support the superior department, and take the initiative to use the sub-investment banks to promote the promotion of the promotion.

For the development of urban public transportation in Liaoning Province, this loan will help our provincial energy conservation and emission reduction and green low-carbon sustainable development strategy.

  According to the relevant departments of the Provincial Department of Finance, the loan fund is mainly used in Jinzhou, Yingkou, Fuxin, Panjin and Huludao’s intelligence bus service system construction. The project includes pure electric bus purchases, charging piles and supporting facilities, Intelligent bus system construction, bus station transformation, etc.

Related loans can effectively alleviate urban public transportation funds, in improving urban bus systems, guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihood, related projects will introduce advanced carbon emissions and other air pollutant emissions calculation methods during advance. At the same time, project design will further optimize, enable region to strengthen bus intelligence management and institutional capacity building, and zoom in use efficiency, and help "double carbon" goals. It is understood that the main area of ??the investment in China in 2016 is the main area of ??China’s investment, cross-border interconnection, scientific and technological empowerment, and digital infrastructure, this period of 600 million US dollars in China.

Editor in charge: Wang Haitao.