The United States provokes trade frictions must be in harvest – the observation of Chinese and foreign scholars from Boao Forum for Asia

  Xinhua News Agency Hainan Boao April 8th, IQ: The United States provoked trade frictions must be in harvest – from the Chinese and foreign scholar in the Boao Forum, Liu Hongxia, Wang Yuling, Wu Maohui for the near future, China’s trade friction, pendulum Out of the aggressive gesture, attending many domestic and foreign scholars attending the Boao Forum 2018, the Washington thought that Washington moved to the trade friction stone, and they must smashed their feet.

  Professor Kent Keld, director of the East Asia Research Center, John Hopkins University, said: "In view of the largest China’s largest cross-ocean trade, the US-China trade friction upgrade will undoubtedly bring greater risks to the global economy." He said that there is no country’s people hope to fight the trade war, and the US multinational companies are deeply involved in the United States and China economic and trade relations and also support the open trade system. "The United States picks up the friction and puts out the gesture that is going to do with a big one, it will harm the interests of China, but the company to the United States will be more injured." Zhang Yan, the chief researcher of China International Economic Exchange Center, told Xinhua News Agency. He said that in 2017, global economic growth, trade and investment, etc., from the long-term slim queen, in this critical time node, the first major economy provokes the second largest economy, will hurt the global confidence And expectations are completely irresponsible.

  "Where is the US confidence?" Talking about Zhang Yuyan, director of the World Economics and Political Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

  In his opinion, the United States does not move the "great" of trade sanctions, it is precisely the embodiment of its self-confidence.

He believes that the United States now has trade deficits for more than 100 countries and regions, which is closely related to the US own economic structure, and trade with China, or requires a lot of imports and trade deficits. "From national imported products than China, it means that the price of imported products in the United States is higher, and the root is finally taxed to the American people." Zhang Yuyan said.

  In this regard, Zhang Yan Sheng also believes that with China’s origin, the future China will present "global investment, global production, global export, global logistics, global service" pattern, from this point of view, China’s trade surplus will be in the future Continuous reduction within a long period of time.

  The participants agreed that this Sino-US trade friction, China is forced to counter-system but powerful, targeted, and determined. The mutual sanctions between the two sides did not really land, and the Tri Migong government of "Love Adventure" should return rationality in time.