The cinema increases new tricks, you should pay more, do you pay?

  As the epidemic is controlled, more and more consumers re-enter the cinema, the movie market will gradually pick up. But some careful ticket purchases have found that the same movie, the same vintage hall, but there is a different price, I want to sit in the middle "Golden Region" and need to pay higher fees.

  The most beautiful seat is to add 25 yuan. "Now the theater also begins to learn the row of rows of consecutive partitions?" Mr. Sun found that the cinema near home was set up at the vicinity of the cinema in the home. District, the most popular intermediate seat fare is 42 yuan, while the fare of the opening position is 39 yuan.

"Previous selection seats are first come first served, and now I have to pay more than a good location.

"Mr. Sun has some intakes. The reporter found that there is currently, including Wanda Studios, Beijing Yaolai Chenglong Studios, UME Studios and other large theaters have implemented partition pricing, most of the film hall set two gear, also A small number of vingsetages set three gear.

At the same time, different brands and different stores in the same brand are also different. Specifically, the fare gap set in the UME Studios Huaxing IMAX store is the largest, most vast coach is 10 yuan more than the ordinary region, and some of the golden regions is 25 yuan more than ordinary regions.

  Beijing Yalai Chenglong Yingcheng Linhe River’s best viewing area and ordinary regional prices differ from 1 yuan, Li Ze shop fare difference is 3 yuan, the fare difference between the West Hongmen store is 2 yuan, and the Fangshan shop is in the same The vintage hall sets three gear positions, such as some movie fare set to 47 yuan, 50 yuan, 52 yuan.

Wanda Studios also took partition pricing, reporters inquired third-party ticketing platforms and Wanda Studios Self-operated APP found that Wanda Studios set two fare gear, golden regions than ordinary regions.

Wanda Studios Tongzhou store staff said that at present, the store has canceled on-site purchase tickets, and consumers need to book tickets with mobile phones.

  However, there is also the fare partition of the theater focused on the third party ticket purchase platform, and the ticket purchase is implemented. "On-site buy tickets are 90 yuan, but online third parties are cheaper." Beijing Yalai Chenglong Yingcheng Lize Store said.

  Differential fare affecting the psychological fare partition system has been in the performance industry, but does this ticketing method is rational in the school? Bai Wenxi, deputy chairman of the Chinese Enterprise Capital Alliance, believes that the fare partition is similar to the airline pricing to different cabin, and the maximization of the sales revenue of the cinema seat is maximized, and the audience takes a different fare according to the seats in different regions, which is better. The seat pays higher price is not against mandatory regulations and industry regulations. Zhang Wenyu, assistant vice president of UME Cinema Group, recently responded that the gold seating of the cinema has a certain technical parameter requirement, such as the viewer and the screen line angle of the viewer cannot be less than 36 degrees. The elevation angle of the line cannot be greater than 35 degrees, and the accuracy of the sound is also the accuracy of the sound. Require. Therefore, the theater will set the golden seat in 150 vingsetages in the giant curtain hall, the middle hall, and the number of gold seating is 10% to 15%. Some conditional studio will also set up VIP seats in the gold area, wider spag, more comfortable than ordinary seats.

  However, there are also movie enthusiasts to think that a shadow that is not large, sets the price of three or six, etc., which will affect people’s psychological identity. "The concert, the dance drama different seating area ornamental effect will be large, and the price can accept.

Most of the bedroom is mostly lower, and the difference in viewing effect in different regions is very small. How many people will pay for the home purchase? "The fans Guo Jia said that the movie market is highly competitive, the cinema of the district pricing may face the risk of the audience. The last rate is limited to the income effects of the cinema. As a way of revenue in the cinema, it is more and more cinemas to implement partition pricing, reflecting the cinema face Realistic business pressure.

According to data, my country’s cinema is reduced year by year, from 2015% to% in 2019. The occurrence of the epidemic in 2020 further impact on the movie market, and some cinema income pressure is not small. However, in the case where the upper rate is not high, the partition pricing on the effect of the cinema income is still very limited. For example, in the 200 people’s vast, there are about 30 gold seating, according to 11% of the upper level, the golden seat is increased by 10 yuan, and a movie only increasing 30 yuan.

"When watching a movie last weekend, I found that there is only a few people in a vintage hall, even if I bought a normal seat, I can go to the golden seat. After the midish experience, I found that for some non-popular movies, it is difficult for golden seats. go out.

  Zhang Wenzhen also frankly, overall, the increase in the increased revenue of the district does not account for a large proportion in the overall income of the UME studio.

However, for hot movies with high last session, the partition pricing can play a certain income effect.

  In response to "whether it is willing to buy the cinema gold position", there are recent media launched voting on Weibo. More than 1300 netizens have participated in voting, and 51% of the netizens said "not willing", 36% of netizens choose "bad," Watch the type of movie and fare gap, only 13% of consumers choose "Willingness". Reporter Ma Wei.