The old man’s disease is urgently needed to save money ICBC "Special Offer" for the customer to solve the problem

A few days ago, an old man in an old man came to the ICBC Huludao branch outlets, and handled the non-person password reset business, saying that his wife is holding cardholders, is sick and sleeping, the organs are exhausted, and the money is urgent .

The person in charge of the outlet realized that this need to be handled in accordance with the "Special Offer" service workflow, and it is not possible to immediately report to the "Special Offer" situation to the Board, carry out the on-site verification work. However, in the collection of guardians, they encountered problems, and many channels can’t prove the relationship between two elderly people.

So the outlets help to help solve the gold part of the gourdied branch. The person in charge of the deposit is immediately with the department employees, multi-pronged coordination of the province’s gold, transportation management, brother business experts to communicate "consultation", and study the treatment plan. At the same time, contact the customer’s family, understand the customer’s home structure, personnel composition, original unit, and household registration locations.

In addition, all the resources you can use, consult the legal, public security, civil affairs related departments, find ways to confirm the relationship between husband and wife.

In this process, the staff constantly comforts the customer’s family, indicating that the Industrial and Commercial Bank must try to help them solve the problem, and have a "fixed pill" for customers. In the end, Kung Fu pays off, the investigation and evidence collection is finally successful, and the "Special Offer" business is rapidly handled. When the 160,000 yuan savings change to "life-saving money" to the customer’s family name, the customer’s family is very moving and grateful. "Customer is not small", customer first, reflecting the specific issues that really help customers solve the difficulties and pain points.

ICBC Huludao Branch uses practical actions to practice "I do practical things for the masses", improve the satisfaction and happiness of ICBC customers.

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