Send a valuable window period, resolutely check all the vulnerabilities, the fastest speed, the most powerful initiative to control the epidemic in minimum

Original title: Seize the valuable window period to resolutely check all the vulnerabilities with the fastest speed to initiative to control the epidemic control on November 9, the provincial party committee deputy secretary, and Huang Qiang head to Chengdu unannounced visit to the survey of the scenic spot And hosted the provincial response to the emergency response to the emergency headquarters of the new coronal pneumonia, the topic dispatched Chengdu’s epidemic prevention and control work, emphasizing the importance of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, conscientiously implementing the instructions of the Secretary of Peng Qinghua, and implemented one by one Decisive provincial headquarters in the near future, effectively notify the bottom line thinking, strengthen the awareness of worries, enhance the work kerity, sensitivity, and focus on key risk, resolutely check all loopholes, fastest speed, most powerful measures The epidemic control is in a minimum range. On the morning, Huang Qiang took the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures in the Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area of ??Dayi County, reminded food vendors and construction workers to adhere to the mask, and the scenic spots are doing a good job of tourists, sweep code test. Keeping the temperature, improve the frequency of the elevator escalator, cable car, etc., and implement an entrance and exit separation, visitors separated the meal, strictly implement the forest anti-fire fighting measures. He also carefully understands the management situation of the scenic spot, and requires accelerating the renovation of scenic spots to prepare for the peak season, and requires Datun County to strengthen the cable rectification along the road to the scenic area, further eliminate safety hazards, beautify the environment.

In the afternoon, Huang Qiang presided over the provincial government to hold the video dispatching meeting of the headquarters, listened to the epidemic prevention and control group, Chengdu, Chengdu Chenghua District, Chengdu High-tech Zone reported the current epidemic situation, epidemic disposal, vulnerability and rectification, random scheduling Chengdu The city Jinniu District, Dujiangyan City, Daxie County checkup vulnerabilities.

He pointed out that the current situation of Chengdu epidemic is temporarily smooth, but there is still uncertainty, and the epidemic disposal work is in a critical period.

To seize the valuable window period, profoundly draw all kinds of lessons inside and outside the province, to give a non-striking, intensifying the scope, doing a busy, not bad, busy, busy, not messing.

Huang Qiang emphasizes that it is necessary to quickly replenish the weak link. For each of the contractual information, each risk personnel investigate and control, to screen, push, disposal, feedback four in place, form a closed loop, resolutely prevent information and disconnection; Key places such as restaurants, bars, refine improved targeted prevention and control measures and implement them in place; insist on edge-controlled edge protection, side service edge guidance, driving measures to perform in place and humanized management Maximum binding. It is necessary to keep effective practices in time, improve the long-term mechanism of accurate prevention and control of the epidemic, comprehensively improve the standardization, standardization, information prevention and control ability, and build a more secure anti-drug defense line.

We must care about the group of first-line medical staff, public security police, community workers, volunteers, etc. Good effect. Deputy Governor Yang Xingping attended the meeting.

The working groups of the headquarters and relevant departments, Chengdu, responsible comrades, etc. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Li Wei) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.