Sixty items to help the market subject to add vitality

  A few days ago, Zhangzhou City has developed "Cangzhou City Deepening the Decline Reform", and the implementation of the program " Equisical, developing 60 measures, further deepening the reform of the equipment, cultivating the development of the market, constantly stimulating market vitality and social creativity. In further stimulating the development of development, the "program" proposes to strictly implement the national and provincial administrative licensing list management, clarify the basic rules of listing, management, implementation, and supervision, and seriously implement the violation of the list of violations outside the list. The project construction needs to be guided, and the approval process is created according to different project types, and the green channel is opened.

Comprehensive investigation of issues such as violations and regulations and conditions, further standardize the approval services of engineering construction projects, incorporating administrative licensors, technical review, intermediary services, municipal public services into whole – process management. In terms of continuous efforts to increase fiscal financial benefits, implementation of the Popular Small and Micro Enterprise Loan Extension is also supported and universal micro credit loans to support two direct tools. Guiding banks should be extended in terms of marketization. Hui Xiaomi Enterprise Credit Loan Support Program, supports micro enterprises to obtain unsecured guarantee credit loans support.

It is difficult to obtain the first loan problem for private and small microograms, increase the initial loan loan and carry out the private small and micro enterprises, and the private and small micro enterprises that have been in growth, potential but have not yet obtained loans. Effective excavation and precise cultivation.

  In terms of striving to create a better market environment, establish and improve the direct traffic mechanism of enterprises, and all relevant departments have set up a Help Administration Service Office, comprehensively aggregate corporate issues, opinions and suggestions. After the review, the review will be closed, can solve Solve now, effectively solve the difficulties and problems of enterprise development. Further smooth enterprises apply for administrative reconsideration channels, explore the scope of application of application-related administrative recosities, and effectively improve administrative reconsideration credibility and transparency.

  In effectively, the status of supervision and borders, implement supervision responsibilities, improve matter, and institutionalize the level of supervision responsibility. Carry out credit information to pay the sharing and faith disciplinary work according to law. According to the actual needs, it is necessary to supplement the subscription to the municipal level, and will be announced to the public.

Further enhance the three rankings of the double publicity credit loan city credit monitoring, expand the application scenario of Tei Yi + Hui Enterprise.

  Increase public service supply, continuously optimize the processes, pressure reduction, and streamline approval matters, speed up the full network of promotion, inquiry, payment, etc.

Record the low-insurance marginal family into a low-income population database to achieve accurate rescue, efficient assistance, warm assistance, wisdom assistance.

Fully realize unemployment insurance benefits, issued, the lead, the leader, ready to do, the first secondary medical institutions in the first second level opened, at least 1 to 2 county-level medical institutions to realize ordinary outpatient medical institutions in the province The city’s county is full coverage.

  In terms of continuous improvement of government service quality, implement the pilot experience of electronic reform of motor vehicle driver’s license, promote the launch of the notarized body to carry out the online certificate service, speed up the promotion of data sharing, online verification, information sharing, degree, degree, motor vehicle driver’s license, etc. High-frequency notary service matters cross the province.

Encourage the development of differentiation and exploration of various departments and counties (municipalities, districts), and try to make more compensative environmental monopolism in the deepening of the reform of the reform of the unit. In terms of strengthening protection, we are looking forward to the grassroots, and the masses need to be demanded, and the implementation of the mission requirements, refine the decomposition tasks, and formulate specific implementations, and clearly implement measures, responsible for division of labor and time nodes.

Fully do a good job in the implementation of various reform initiatives, timely solving the difficulties and problems encountered in the promotion, and continuously enhance the feelings and satisfaction of enterprises and the masses.

(Source: Luzhou Daily reporter Shenping correspondent Huo Xiaomei).