Shijiazhuang: The modified car is on the road to be investigated by the Yucheng police

  Grandpa pulled the three rounds of transformation of the flat plate and the road was investigated by the Yucheng police to investigate the first few days. The traffic police brigade of the Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau will focus on the "special rectification of electric vehicle traffic violations" online, from December On the 10th, the brigade has focused on the illegal activities of illegal assembling, modifications such as electric vehicles, and creates a good traffic environment in the main city. At 7:30 on December 10, the Yucheng Traffic Police Brigade set up 10 investigation card points in the intersection of the main city.

They use assembled, modified electric three-wheeled, four-wheeled car to travel as a focus on driving illegal modifications and is not overwhelmed in the national authorities.

  At 8:36 on the same day, the traffic police compared an electric tricycle that did not hang the motor vehicle number near the intersection of Lianzhou Road and Si Ming Street. There were still many vegetables on the car. The traffic police helped the owner to remove vegetables. Transportation.

"We temporarily deduct the car, you have to go to the vehicle management office, follow the relevant regulations, and the traffic police explain it. "Okay, I will go home to find materials such as qualified certificates, and go to handle it as soon as possible.

"The owner responded. On December 11th, 15:40, near the intersection of Lianzhou Road and Station South Street, a lady riding an unmatched restaurant and windshield. The traffic police quickly stopped saying: "After installing the restaurant and the windshield, it will be easy to happen because of its urging, and will affect the line of sight, especially in rain and snow, the risk of danger is sharp.

"Said, the traffic police sprayed the electric tricycle with the word" demolition ", ordered the lady to dismantle it as soon as possible, and if there was no demolition, it will be enforced next time.

  At 8:30 on December 12, a blue electric tricycle was included in the eye in the intersection of Century Avenue and Honest Street.

In order to facilitate the loading of furniture, the electric tricycle owner dismantles the car after the car, and the traffic police will immediately intercept the owner and vehicle immediately. "Grandpa, you are obviously modified in this car. According to the regulations, you should hang the number plate. We temporarily buckle, please take the relevant materials to the traffic police brigade to receive penalties.

"The traffic police said.

  "At that time, I didn’t think so much. I don’t know if it is illegal. It is to remove the car." Said, the car owner signed the word on the relevant penaltime.

  During the law enforcement process, traffic police also run traffic safety publicity, and effectively improve the road traffic safety awareness of electric vehicles.

On the morning of December 10th to December 12, the Yucheng Traffic Police Brigade criticized illegal assembly, modified electric three rounds, and 146 four-wheeled car, further enhanced traffic environment.