VAT invoice realizes "one-stop" online application 5 smart tax service landing Beijing

Original title: VAT invoice realizes "One-stop" online application this newspaper (Reporter Chen Xueli) before "face-to-face", now "no face", smart service makes more taxpayers save time and effort. The Beijing Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation recently held a launch conference, focusing on 5 replicated, promoted intelligence tax business applications.

It is understood that the "one-stop" cloud service of the VAT invoice "automatic approval, automatic inspection, online application, logistics distribution", has been precisely served as more than 1800,000 taxims in the city.

  The invoice is old, refers to the ticket person must purchase a new invoice after the tax author must purchase the original purchase and the useful invoice. After the tax authorities are reviewed, they can purchase new invoices. Before the value-added tax invoice implements the classification classification management, the invoice application has been manually reviewed, manually entered, and the way to receive.

This is not only high efficiency, it is difficult to adapt to the taxpayer’s ticket change.

"A lot of taxpayers have encountered an urgent use of invoices, and the invoices in their hands are not enough. The downstream customers can’t get tickets without payment, and the business operation will be affected.

"Introduced by the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Taxation Bureau, there are also companies to take the people in the tax authorities to buy several tickets.

  In order to avoid the above situation, the Municipal Taxation Bureau has developed the VAT invoice classification classification management system, and the taxpayer who applies value-added tax invoices will be divided into three categories of taxpayers, and supports all-in-market certification. .

Normal operating taxpayer VAT invoice is shortened by the longest 20 working days in the past, after the approve is completed, the taxpayer can purchase invoices, and the invoice can be received by the express delivery.

According to reports, "Ticket E sent" invoice collection service is not intermittent 24 hours a year, and it will be accepted in the afternoon. At present, it has reached 70% of the accumulation of "ticket E delivery" in all acquisition invoice business.

  In addition to the VAT invoice "One-stop" online application service, at the press conference, the Municipal Taxation Bureau also introduced the "customized E service" to build exclusive tax news service, "Online Guide" to achieve remote real-time interaction, second-hand housing transaction " Minutes "Intelligent Accident Tax, Intelligent Tax Refund" One-click "automatic arrival of five intelligent tax applications.

  Taking intelligent tax refund as an example, relying on large data analysis and artificial intelligence technology, the current small tax rebate limit has been raised from 500 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

In the process of enterprise income tax convergence, the system is automatically pre-filled with tax payment, taxpayers are free to apply for application, and they have been submitted to apply for information. The city has experienced a tax rebate.

Up to now, the Municipal Taxation Bureau handles 230,000 tax rebates below 5,000 yuan. The city’s 70% tax rebaters will be profitable; the amount of small tax refund is approximately 90 million yuan to help the small and medium-sized enterprise funds are quickly returning.

  Recently, the State Council issued the "Opinions on the Pilot Work of Business Environment and Environmental Innovation", deploying 6 cities such as Beijing to carry out pilot projects in business environmental innovation, and greater profits and enterprises.

Zheng Huaiyuan, the first-level inspector of the Municipal Taxation Bureau, said, the next step, the Municipal Taxation Bureau will launch a new initiative to launch a smart convenient tax service in batches to allow taxpayers to enjoy more reform dividends.

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