Shaoxing Xinchang: Areas Management smarter guardian of tourists for security and peace

  Train ride, live in tents, listening to music …… this National Day holiday, Shaoxing Xinchang Shijiu Feng scenic crowded, but Shi Jiufeng police office in the police on duty was very calm. "Area in all cases will be reflected in real time on the platform, we save a lot of manpower." Police Wang Shuying told reporters.

  Holographic perception, fast moving, quickly disposed of secrets hidden in Xinchang police to create tourist police in holographic aware application platform. In the platform, the reporter saw the 1107 video monitoring points, 63 bayonet is real-time acquisition, import ticketing area of dynamic data and parking data, the amount of data over 1.3 million. Xinchang County tourism, with 120 square km area, more than 300 cultural and natural landscape, many tourist routes to attract tens of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists after another.

Last year, Xinchang create "global tourism policing" model, the establishment of tourist police brigade.

This year, in conjunction with the digital reform, and the creation of a tourism police Xinchang holographic aware application platform, scenic security management to achieve an intelligent, flat.

  "Relying on ‘1’ platform ‘6’ project (real-time video, UAV video, parking information, command and dispatch and passenger flow analysis and other key areas), we have created a set of scenic play defense, control, service as one of the aspects of the application module.

"Xinchang County Public Security Bureau police battalion tourism Lu Ping introduced, scenic service arrangements, traffic flow information in key areas such as real-time video images will be displayed in a window on the control room big screen, easy to fully grasp the scenic police cases, and high-speed ports big screen, local micro-channel microblogging and other channels will be traffic congestion information pushed to Xinchang overseas visitors, optimize travel experience.

  According to reports, tourist police holographic aware application platform in an integrated control room tourist police station for the position to analyze large data mining technology, infrared perception, thermodynamic diagram and other technology, real-time accurate perception of various key point potential risks and accurate warning.

Data platform will be collected automatically with key personnel and other real-time database crash, intelligent comparison, the focus once found, will be able to accurately warning. After day not long ago, Xinchang large Buddhist temple police station integrated control room suddenly sounded an alarm, the police on duty immediately click through the warning information platform, we found a large Buddhist temple main hall outside the heat map display abnormal, police retrieved surveillance video screen to confirm scenic fire danger, quickly synchronization via walkie-talkie call to rush to dispose of surrounding police and fire contact, scenic and other units, in just five minutes the fire will be extinguished. In addition, to build a "distal warning, stop scheduling, global response," the tourism police closed loop management, Xinchang police at the same time strengthen the "brain" doing fine "hands" will of the police departments and social forces integrated into the tourism police station, police intelligence brigade involved in the formation of the disposal system, and promote two-way alarm to send a single, joint logistics linkage, closed-loop disposal. Since the tourist police to enable holographic aware application platform in June this year, the resort enhance traffic efficiency by 30%, down 57% year on year to all attractions of the general alarm.

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