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Reference Information Network November 9 reports national brands, national image, national soft power & hellip; & hellip; these grand themes need to be implemented.On the occasion of China’s growing world stage, China’s urban brands become an important carrier of national brands, Shanghai skyscrapers, Shenzhen scientific and technological innovation, Chengdu’s Anyi Life & Hellip; & Hellip; urban landmark, city brand, city image, veryIt is a direct source of overseas people’s impressions in China.As New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, a global international metropolis is an important part of a national world influence.

In order to comprehensively, accurately analyze the current situation and trend of China’s overseas influence, provide intellectual support for more Chinese cities that step into the world stage, in Shanghai, Shanghai, in Shanghai, held in Shanghai, the reference news newspaper newspaper "China City Overseas Influence Analysis Report (2020)". "China City Overseas Influence Analysis Report" release ceremony This report uses case studies and data research, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, from the city’s overseas intersection, overseas media presence, overseas network attention, overseas At the perspective of paying attention, overseas tourism reputation, overseas brand shaping and communication force construction, analyzing China’s overseas influence segmentation area to establish an index index system with decision-making reference value, sustainable tracking research. The report analysis believes that in the context of China’s economic and social development in recent years, China’s overseas influence is significantly enhanced.

It is particularly worth noting that in Beijing, Shanghai and other traditional first-tier cities, new first-tier cities such as Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Suzhou are gradually forming their own international brands. They achieve differentiated spread by highlighting the characteristic advantages, achieving good results.

For example, in the city’s overseas tourist reputation, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Suzhou and other cities have obviously have a high heat and reputation, including Rong and Hangzhou Evaluation scores only in Beijing and Shanghai.

The report found that in recent years, China’s overseas influence presented mode is increasingly diverse is not only traditional media, Internet emerging media, social media platforms, but also many travel life application platforms, which have become an important space for the expansion of China. Take Chengdu as an example. Compared with traditional first-tier cities, there is no obvious advantage in its tourism resources, the number of hotels and attractions, but from the tourist feedback on the overseas tourism living platform, its average feedback quality is very High, high-ranking hotel, restaurant and the proportion of restaurants and attractions, but not only improved their visibility and reputation, but also significantly improve the overall dissemination of the city. In addition, the situation of overseas network payment is case, the study found that Hangzhou has higher heat in the overseas social media platform, and Shenzhen is a heavy report object for overseas news information websites, but may be due to food and slow life, Chengdu has socialized overseas Media emotional tendency to sort the forefront. Another change in research is that in recent years, more and more international thinks have begun to use Chinese cities as a focus.

Some well-known institutions set up a long-term research project for continuous tracking. In this regard, the treatment of Chinese cities is also in the fast-seeking of international metropolis. For example, in three international research in the latest Corne global city index, GAWC world city roster, global financial center index, Beijing has entered the top ten, and Shanghai has entered the top ten in both studies; in Brukin In the relevant assessment of the "Global Metropolitan Monitoring Report" released by the Scho, Chengdu ranks third. The study also found that with more and more cities pay more attention to international brand construction, the identity of the city is more important, and the information in the Qiancheng is difficult to truly build a city independent brand.

The huge differences in cultural and contexts requires cities to have a specific image, specific brand, specific label with higher international acceptance, to improve their identification, strengthen brand reputation.

In this regard, Chengdu ranks first in the overseas brand shaping and communication force in this report.

According to reports on overseas media reports, social media content and public opinion information, Chengdu has a city card brand system established by Panda and food, not only with extremely high identification, but also facilitates the integration of casual life, economic and social, etc. The effect of propagation and reputation is significant.

Similarly, Shanghai’s urban landscape, Shenzhen’s high-tech characteristics, Beijing cultural ancient capital images and other brands are playing a similar role. The report believes that above the stock of overseas influence in China, there is also a space for promotion, and upgrading. First, internationalization and international communication awareness needs to be further improved, but also further recognize the importance of urban soft strength for the future development and long-term positioning of the city, but also need to build a fusion hardware and software, combating the library, life, media and economic and trade, information And the concepts and products in the industry.

Second, the autonomous features of the city international dissemination need to be strengthened, creating an intercounted urban label, urban brand, or urban brand, still have a large space.

Third, it is also necessary to adapt to the new communication ecology of overseas rapid changes. In international communication, the whole process of technical lead, channel operation, communication expansion, public opinion analysis and response, etc. will still need to further strengthen overall coordination. City soft strength is an important part of the national soft power. Urban brand construction will largely shape awareness and understanding of China’s knowledge.

It is at this point of view, and China’s urban brand construction is not only a city’s own work, but is an important part of national development and modernization. In the future, the reference news will continue to play its own resources and research advantages, continue to follow into the city’s overseas influence issues, help the Chinese cities in the internationalization process, the internationalization of the internationalization of China, the internationalization of the internationalization of the city, internationally characteristic city work One power. We believe that in the near future, there will be more international metropolis with global influence, and become a Chinese city business card that will go to the world.

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