Sichuan Ganzi: all-round measures and regularly implement orphan care

School teaching building.

Since the launch of Zhang Yifan’s study and education activities, Sichuan Ganzi has attached orphan care into "I have practical practical things for the masses" and 30 people in Ganzi Prefecture.

By issuing life in the orphans on the month, implement a variety of care, strengthen infrastructure construction, and continuously optimize the orphan living environment, all-round measures, to carry out the orphan care action, and constantly enhance the happiness of the orphans. As of September, Ganzi Prefecture guaranteed 1240 orphans, including 319 people, 921 decentralizers, and raised thousands of yuan this year. According to centralized supply vessel guarantees per person 1400 yuan / month; the distributed supply vessel guarantee gold per person 900 yuan / month will be issued monthly.

From January to September, Ganzi Prefecture issued an orphan to protect 10,000 yuan. In enhancing the happiness of orphans, the Ganzi Prefecture government has increased the efforts of education. Free orphan delay service fee, accept full-time undergraduate, general full-time specialist, higher vocational schools and secondary vocational school education, and fully implement "Fucai Reeds, Orphan Studying Engineering" project after 18 years of age oriented. In addition, Ganzi Prefecture coordinated health, medical insurance and other departments vigorously implemented medical assistance, doing the basic medical work of special difficulties such as orphans, and in-depth implementation of the "Tomorrow Plan" project, realizing zero payment of orphan medical expenses.

Up to now, there are 445 orphans to enjoy the "Tomorrow Plan" policy and reimbursed 10,000 yuan. In recent years, Ganzi Prefecture has continuously improved the construction of children’s welfare institutions. He has invested 9.3.18 million to build 3 state-level regional children’s welfare institutions (state children’s welfare institutions, Kangbei Child Welfare Institute and Congnan Child Welfare Institute) For the full coverage of 18 counties (cities) in the three in East, South and North, providing a guarantee basis for the orphans who need the government. (Intern Zhang Yifan) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Share more people see.