Tianjin TEDA transportation management adds "smart brain"

Original title: TEDA Transportation Management adds "smart brain" Recently, Tianjin TEDA TEDA Smart City Integrated Transportation Management System Phase Issue is successfully passed the acceptance and is officially put into use. The project will realize the source of dangerous chemicals transport vehicles and passenger vehicles in the entry area, go to the investigation, status controllable, and at the same time, it is a good foundation for the next phase of the project, and further explores the TEDA "Smart City Brain". Method path. It is understood that TEDA Smart City Integrated Transportation Management System is based on the construction of smart city in accordance with the Economic Development Zone, give full play to the intelligent management model advantage of Internet + large traffic, big data + large traffic, by improving existing systems and building new features Module, realize the integrated transportation system for dynamic monitoring and tracking management of road transportation, waterway transportation, motor vehicle maintenance, taxi, rail transit and other industries.

  The development and construction of the system is divided into two phases. At present, the first phase of investment is mainly focused on building "two customers and one danger" comprehensive safety monitoring and smart platform, providing information wisdom for the safety supervision of dangerous chemicals in the Economic Development area. Support, improve the level of regional safety.

The second phase will expand from the "two customers and one danger" to ordinary goods, water transport, motor vehicle maintenance, etc., and explore the feasibility of human face recognition, electronic tag, 5G application, etc. in the technical plan.

Subsequent, the Economic Development Zone will speed up the construction of TEDA Smart City Integrated Transportation Management System, which is expected to complete development work at the end of March 2022 will provide information, networked, intelligent management means for transportation supervision of the Economic Development Zone. Further enhance the transportation supervision capacity and service level of the Economic Development Zone, promote the construction and development of smart cities in the Economic Development Zone.

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