The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chairman and Chief Executive Director of the Board of Directors of Netease Corporation: The Internet is manufactured in China.

Editor: Chen Wei (this article issued in "China Economic Week" 2018, 10th), suits, sports shoes, happy and smile. The Chairman and CEO of the NetEase Company of the NetEase Company in front of the reporter, this time has a new identity, that is the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

In the first year of performance, Ding Lei members submitted a number of proposals, focusing on the reform of people’s livelihood issues and the construction of Internet information, mainly proposal involving tax integration, chronic disease prevention and control, food safety, Internet + agriculture precision poverty alleviation, The elderly will be convenient; primary and secondary school boutique online open course platform construction, quality book digitization and adolescent health internet, etc. In short, all this is around a goal: building happiness China. Ding Lei revealed to "China Economic Weekly", many of these ideas have come from their own personal experience and the voice of more than 20,000 NetEase employees. Many problems have paid attention for many years. The election of the CPPCC member, of course, must have suggested . Self-exposure has also been an education for the school district. Ding Lei said that the next problem is a very realistic issue, but the development of education is unbalanced, and it is not sufficient to resolve.

It is difficult to break through the traditional way, and we should explore new models based on Internet innovation. Ding Lei said that high-quality education resources are concentrated in large cities, and it is a very small number of schools in large cities, but the school district is very expensive. He also exposed, his child has also studied in Hangzhou’s public elementary school. He also worried about the school district, and even for children to study, I have rented a 5-year house. Is there a way to let the three-line, four-wire, five-line cities, parents don’t have to go to the big city in the big city? Can you make primary and secondary school students in the country, or even a country’s children, they can have access to good education like students in the big city. Ding Lei said.

Therefore, in the proposal, it is recommended to accelerate the informationization of compulsory education, deepen the construction of the boutique online open course platform, through the construction of primary and secondary school boutique online open curriculum platform, put the best education resources to the Internet, so you can make countless Primary school students benefit, rather than very few people, truly educated. Of course, this source of source is still a high quality talent in the field of education. The talents in the education industry are very serious. Excellent talents have entered the popular fields such as science and technology, finance, leading to the lack of talents in the education industry. Everyone is not high.

Ding Lei said that the state should study more, more investment and more guidance.

In addition, Ding Lei also suggested that you can learn from advanced experience in other countries, using more technological means to enrich education, improve education effects, such as using game methods to guide children ‘s education. Now talking to the game, you first think of bad, in fact, many games are very puzzled, able to exercise children, adolescents. In this way, students can make learning as a very fun thing, this is very important, that is to learn happy. He said.

It’s hard to run a pig farm. It is last year, Netease has just spent the 20th birthday.

In the past 20 years, only more than 20% of the annual capital returns of more than 20% of the world’s annual capital returns, and China has only two Maotai and Netease. In addition to the game, e-commerce (Koa + strict selection) two core business, Netease mailbox, Netease cloud music, there is a cloud note, Netease Open class & hellip; & hellip; also ranked in the industry, a good reputation . Although he gently became the richest world, Ding Lei, who had more than 100 billion yuan, often spoke, is a farmer entrepreneur.

As an Internet company, Netease also has a clear-style business line may be the most delicious and best pigs in the world.

In the past 7 years, it is precisely in the exploration and practice of NetEase Wen, Ding Lei appreciates the importance of food safety and agricultural traceability system. China’s antibiotics in breeding industry is the world’s most, with a 10,000 tonne, antibiotic residue, and will bring super bacteria. He said. In Ding Lei, we have insufficient supervision of small and scattered operators, lacking the ability to prevent, respond, and deal with the initial prevention, response and processing in the early stage of food safety crisis. Therefore, he suggests that the food, agricultural product traceability system, build food safety long-term mechanism, and construct a full monitoring mechanism from the field to the table, encourage transparent agriculture. In fact, there are many painful problems also means that there are more opportunities for industry opportunities.

However, in the field of agriculture, innovation has a lot of constraints. The Internet entrepreneurship is very easy, and non-Internet entrepreneurship is too difficult.

Our company went to the countryside to raise pigs. When you read all regulations on bidding a pig farm, you will find that you can’t do a pig farm. Ding Lei felt emotion, although it was finally raising pig after covering more than 100 chapters, but there were too many strips in the agricultural field.

To innovate can be entrepreneurship, all kinds of binding will make the general entrepreneurs difficult to enter, this situation needs to be improved.

Precision poverty alleviation is to use agricultural means to help farmers get rich.

I hope that the Government can investigate the entrepreneurial environment in different fields, give more support and encouragement.

He said. "China Economic Week": Supply Structure Structure Reform is a popular topic of the two sessions this year. As an entrepreneur in the technology internet field, how do you think of using the Internet forces to promote China’s manufacturing transformation upgrade? NetEase conducted some innovative attempts through strict selection of this model. In this process, especially after contact with a large number of Chinese manufacturing companies, do you feel and ideas? Ding Lei: Overall, China’s manufacturing industry is really very, very can’t afford, and beyond your imagination. In many fields, especially a lot of daily necessities, China’s manufacturing is very, very powerful. NetEase has made Netease strict selection in the past two years, which has made Netease strict selection. This is a path that helped China to make thousands of households to make China to make the path from low quality images. We hope to create a platform for manufacturing self-cost-effective products in China by strict selection.

However, in the process of contact with the manufacturing industry, we must admit that in some respects, we have a little gap with the most tips of the world.

For example, the girl wearing socks in winter, although China is best, China’s raw materials and Japan, the Italian raw materials still have gaps, and the raw materials made by China are easy to hook, and Japan and Italy are not easy to hook. Finally, we can only import particles from Japan and Italy, and then processed in China.

However, we have been progressing. For example, we can’t produce mobile screens in the past, although mobile phones are produced in China, but the screen imports are very large, and now we can gradually produce themselves.

However, the phone’s memory chip is still not, last year, China’s optical mobile phone memory chip’s import volume is more than 20 billion US dollars, so efforts are still needed.

"China Economic Week": What is the biggest problem encountered by the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing companies? How can the Internet help them? Ding Lei: If the Chinese manufacturing company is the least good, it may be what they don’t know what consumers need, especially what China’s consumers need. Because they used to use the production, what is the size of others, the color is going to produce, the brand is what the brand is very, very weak.

This is also why NetEase Koi is a factory store. We encourage them to gradually learn what consumers need. This can achieve a win-win situation, the factory can open the sales, do not rely on others, and remove the intermediate link, you can get good Profit, at the same time, the people can buy a good quality goods. Regardless of the Calang factory store or strict, we hope that the Chinese manufacturing enterprises through the Internet have come out of their own road. We hope to see thousands of Chinese manufacturing companies to produce cost-effective goods with their own brands. .

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