Shanwan Village: Village Show new life is better

Original title: Shanwan Village: Village Show Xinyong Life is better on September 29th, the reporter with "Xiaokang Yuan Dream, Look at Jinchang", the interview group came to the mountain village of Ningyuan Pao Town, Jinchuan District. Into the villagers in the village, a row of rows, a row, a row, a row, and a flat and open road run through the whole village, the farmers’ home window is a net, and the courtyard is spacious. The villagers Meng Zhaoqin is drying the pepper, red chili with golden corn in the yard, painted a harvest. Meng Zhaoqin told reporters: "In the past few years, the village is unified to build a new house. The renovation of my family is the same as the building. There are also independent toilets. Our people are particularly satisfied!" Mentioned these, her face is full of smile. Because the construction of the G570 highway, the one and two groups of the Shanwan Village needed overall relocation. Since 2017, the Shanwan Village has conducted a new residential point reconstruction project, and there were 77 households. 21 households in the same year and 15 households. Renovate farmers began to build farmers, and set up human beverage pipelines and high voltage lines.

In 2018, the 36-family farmhouse completed and accused, and the water and electricity and other infrastructure supporting construction work were completed, and the low-voltage electric lines were completed. In 2019, 8 households built a farmer and stayed in a total of 44 households and all stays.

In order to enrich the villagers’ cultural and sports, promote national fitness sports, Shanwan Village has built a villager cultural square covering an area of ??3,000 square meters in 2019, and supports 10 fitness equipment, further enhances the overall "temperament" of the countryside. The reporter saw on the cultural square, from time to time, there were residents who came to walk, laugh, very harmonious. Wang Jingjing, the first secretary of the party branch of the Shanwan Village, introduced to further improve the resident living environment, 2020, the full implementation of domestic sewage collection and processing of domestic sewage collection, as of now, 44 households accommodated all household toilets.

In the same year, the road was hardened 7198 square meters, 3488 square meters of paving, and the teeth were installed 3975 square meters, and 3,855 green seedlings were planted in the square. In 2021, the G570 road along the Caisu Road was green, and more than 800 plants were planted. The lamp holder set project has begun to work, and it is expected to be fully completed.

"I believe that the tomorrow of the mountain village will be more beautiful.

Wang Jingjing said.

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