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Original title: 4 Chuan enterprises in the Beijiao Office showed the debut. ● Beijiao office opened, it is another important landmark incident of my country’s capital market reform and development ● 4 of the first batch of Sichuan companies, living The national sixth ● Sichuan enterprises said that the North Exchange Dongfeng is achieved by the special new "small giant" to the "invisible champion". In 31 years, China’s capital market ushered in another national securities trading place. On November 15th, the Beijing Stock Exchange, which is expected to be expected, 81 first batch of listed companies collectively unveiled, reflecting the characteristics of distinctive innovative SMEs.

Overall, the first batch of listed companies is robust, and the growth is more prominent, and most of them belong to the field of industry segmentation. Among them, in addition to 71 stocks are translated from the new three board selection, 10 stocks are the North China Unit. In the first group of listed listed, Sichuan got 4 "admission tickets".

The quantity is second only to Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces and cities, ranking first in the country, the first in the country.

  These four Chuanxiang are Changhong Energy, the Herong Palace, which is in technology and China.

It is worth mentioning that Chengdu Zhongxiaxing Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has just completed the release of the selected layer in early November, and I got the listing approval of the Beijiao Institute last Wednesday. It is the first company in Chengdu. In addition, three companies were previously listed in the selection of layers.

According to the data, Sichuan Changhong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Mianyang City, established in 2006, is not only a national high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, manufacturing and sales of lithium-ion batteries, but also the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The special new "small giant". "Listed in the North Exchange is another milestone for the company’s development. It is also a new starting point for the company’s development." Mo Wenwei, chairman Changhong Energy, said Changhong’s energy will further reach the "spring breeze" of the North Exchange. The new "small giant" leap to "invisible champion".

  Bottled Technology Co., Ltd. from Panzhihua, as early as December last year, successfully listed a new three-board selection layer, which is the first company in Sichuan in the new three board selection.

In the view of Fan Rong, a chairman of Science and Technology, the establishment of the Beijiao, marked a channel for the national financing difficulties in small and medium-sized enterprises, which also means that the state supported the country’s new "small giants" enterprises.

  Another Sichuan enterprise landing in the Beijiao is from Niangjiang, Sichuan Miyong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which has obtained 44 patents with drug research and development, production and marketing. item.

  As the first batch of enterprises, the Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Pharmacy is very excited.

He believes that the Beijiao is a "timely rain" "propeller" and "catalyst" that the SME grows and grows. It will be launched in the North Exchange will open the secondary entrepreneurship.

  At the opening ceremony of the North Exchange and the opening ceremony, the Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission failed to point out that the North Exchange was unveiled, and it is another important landmark incident in my country’s capital market reform. It is of great significance for further improvement of multi-level capital markets, accelerating the financial support system of SMEs, promoting innovation and driving development and economic transformation and upgrading. On the first day of the market, the four first unveiled Sichuan stocks have fallen. As of the closing, China’s share price increase%, report 30 yuan / share; Changhong energy falls%, reporting a unit / shares; 10% of science and technology decline, news / shares; 橦 橦%, news / shares.

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