The city completes the creation of 100,000 beautiful courtyards

Hebei Daily News (Reporter Ren Logo) Since this year, Shijiazhuang Women’s Federation has led the city’s women’s masses to actively build beautiful courtyards with beautiful souls and dexterity hands, with the courtyard Xiaomei to help rural beauty.

Up to now, the creation of 100,000 beautiful courtyards has been completed, and the province’s issued task is exceeded. In the creation of activities, Shijiazhuang Women’s Federation organizes the different levels of rural villages, carrying out multiple rounds of concentrated glazing activities, through "village than" "township" "cross-county", mobilize the enthusiasm, layers to promote beauty Garden creation.

At the same time, the "Top Ten Baiyou" beautiful courtyard selection activities, fully utilize traditional media and new media matrices, extending the stronality "?" from the line to the line.

Shijiazhuang City’s beautiful courtyard creation activities adhere to the characteristics, through excavating the regional characteristics, cultural characteristics, and builds a specialty community.

On the basis of developing implementations, scoring criteria and scoring rules, because of the local, due to the village, due to household, it is necessary to create both basic creation standards and norms, and take into account the characteristics and highlights of each household. Beautiful courtyard in a variety of forms of smart homosal, red housing, happiness housing, book incense. In order to consolidate the effectiveness of the beautiful courtyard, the Shijiazhuang Women’s Federation organizes the "beautiful courtyard village village row", so that the "five beautiful" standards continue to be deeply rooted. At the same time, combined with the normalized epidemic prevention and control, normalization to carry out the garden sanitary and clean action, and add color to the beauty provincial capital.