The self-rescue device has more violations of illegal violations … The inspection team survey some of the mines in Inner Mongolia have found a number of major hidden dangers.

  In order to ensure safety, the lower well personnel must carry a hazardous gas detector. The inspection team saw that the other Haiyi mining area of ??Yuanmun Mining, the mine entrance clearly suggests that there are four toxic and harmful gases underground, but the test instrument carried by the staff can only detect three kinds. During the supervision process, the mine staff didn’t answer the question. I didn’t know if I asked. The Yuanmun Mining Multi-level management personnel did not understand the drawings, and it was unclear.

The inspection team requested to view technicians’ backgrounds and professional licenses, and companies have never available. Guo Yan, deputy director of the Non-Coal Mines of the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau: The technical personnel have a professional background, and they have never seen it now (license). Original mine is a high-risk industry. Our companies have never understood people, can you do it? In the lower well inspection, the supervision team found that there were 5 and 4 major safety hazards in the two mines of Yuanmun Mining. According to the regulations, mine companies should request a professional institution to conduct safety design and acceptance evaluation and report to the regulatory authorities.

How does such a hidden dangerous mine company designs and adopted by security? How is the local supervision? The inspection team conducted a deep verification.

  Hebei Xinyi Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a mine safety facility design report issued by Yuanmun Mining. The design content seems to have a good name, but the supervision team expert carefully viewed that a large number of key information is missing, avoiding serious problems.

  The supervision found that the design unit is to cater to the needs of the owners, and the original design is willing to organize the original design. It is not to organize production according to safety design, but to design according to the actual production situation, to achieve the purpose of covering the original illegal violations.

  The safety design is not responsible, and the safety evaluation report is also seriously injected.

The inspection team expert is found, and the Jilin Baohua Safety Evaluation Co., Ltd. is the safety evaluation acceptance report issued by the Yuanmun Mining Mining and the actual seriousness.

  Experts from the National Mine Safety Supervision Group: The recent safety status quotuary evaluation report and the actual reality of the tailings are not. The entire evaluation report has a total of 3040 pages, the text section is five pages, and the five pages are still repeating the previous content, that is, it has not seen a point with the status quo.

  Multiple hidden dangers found under the inspection team, all in the underground mine evaluation report issued in Baohua, Jilin Province. There is still no midsessment of the mine improvement system without middle and born. The supervision found that the local supervisory department professionals were seriously insufficient, and it was difficult to strictly control the corporate design and evaluation report. After the three-year initiation of safety production, the three-year initiation of the three-year action, requiring enterprises to carry out hidden dangers, self-examination and reporting each month. Supervising discovered that the self-examination of Yuanmun Mining is not only a major safety hazard, but also is also significantly affected by the form. Wu Renuo, a Director of the National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau of Non-Coal Mines: Self-checking the table, the table, the table (content) is the same, each month, even the number of hazards is the same.

The number of tailings library is 2, you have been reported for three months, and only the date is different for three months.

  For enterprises, the local regulatory authorities have not conducted strict verification.

The local emergency management department inspected that there were 32 risks in Yuanmun Mining, including significant hidden dangers, but only need to order rectification within a time limit and did not punish.

  Guo Yan, deputy director of the Non-Coal Mine Shanshi, the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau: Currently, we are still in those places, indicating that some problems have been checked out, some problems have not found out that some problems have not been stared at it. It reforms to the position. According to the question found in the inspection team, the local regulatory authorities requested that the local mine mining underground mine was discontinued, and the safety design and acceptance evaluation were re-emerged.

The supervision team will also issue a list of intermediaries reported by virtual shadow reports to the local regulatory authorities, and investigate and process according to law. In addition to the minerals, this supervision team divided into a multi-channel, and a number of mine companies in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region launched a random supervision.

The supervision found that some mining rights settings were not scientifically giving hidden dangers in the latter safety production, and the mine safety production urgently needed multiple sectors. In Inner Mongolia Huakuo Mining Co., Ltd., the inspectors of the inspectors went deep into the infrastructure of Toohi under the infrastructure, and found a paint black, workers were working with a weak mine lamp.

In the case of not forming ventilation, power supply and drainage system, the infrastructure mine will make the worker underwent a major risk.

  Irsi Tayscite is the 90,000-ton small iron ore transformation of Huachuo Mining in 2019. The underground examination found that the original roadway is a blocked mine, in the past, there are illegal activities of the construction and super-scope mining, and the waste of mineral resources is serious. The current mining license production scale of 点 斯 太 矿 is 200,000 tons per year, the inspection team is found, and the west side, southwest side, east side, and southeast side have mineral rights. A number of mining certificates were issued by the same mine zone, assign four mine companies.

Each mining certificate is small, limited, resulting in innate and shortcoming of enterprise safety design. The supervision found that the local development lack of long-term planning, in recent years, the new batch of mining fields are still scratched, "large mine is small", "a mine is more open", enterprises to compete for resources for chasing benefits, leading to super There are many illegal violations such as crossture mining.

  One week, the inspection team found 7 mines and 6-seat reservoir in the field in Inner Mongolia, and found 93 risks of the problem, including 14 major hidden dangers.

At the same time, it is found that the local professional supervision staff is serious, and the supervision law enforcement is weak, and the pre-mineral rights setting is not scientific, and the government feeds back to the supervision opinion.

  Guo Yan, deputy director of the Non-Coal Mines of the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau: Overall, we feel that the situation in Inner Mongolia mining is still not optimistic, and small mines account for about 75%.

It is recommended to promote the relevant departments to perform the duties, improve the minimum mining scale of the mine, the lowest service years, and solve the problem of "a mine" "small opening" problem from the source.

  The supervision team emphasized that the fourth quarter is the traditional production season of mine enterprises, and it has always been the high birthday of the accident.

Under the "double drive" of "guarantee" and interests this year, illegal illegal production and construction impulsive rebounded, and the risk of accidents will further exacerbate. The local line thinking should be strengthened, and the energy "guarantee" and safety production work will be coordinated.

  裴 Willian, deputy director of the National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau: I hope that several departments will join, increase the law enforcement in this "guarantee" period, and the power of all departments is not strong. In the case of lacking people, I think I have to play The advantages of our department jointly. Wang Haiyu, deputy secretary-general of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: We will deeply reflect, deeply dig the root cause, pay close attention to rectification, do not let go of the problem, do not let go.

  As of 25 October, for the discovery of supervision, the Inner Mongolia Supervision Law Enforcement Department has ordered 4 mining companies to stop production, there is a major hidden danger to stop production, order to rectify 9, and implement administrative penalties.