Taiyuan City "Farming Promotional Dacupu" award ceremony was held

This competition has selected 3 first prizes, 6 second prizes, 15 third prizes, 26 excellent prizes, 10 Ten anti-fraud lecturer prizes, and 3 special organization awards.

In addition, in order to commend and motivate the anti-fraud lecturer who have made high-increasing contributions in the anti-fraud publicity battlefield, the organizing committee specially set the "small bee" award, the most popular prize and special dedication. On November 5, in order to further enhance the national scam and fraud, Taiyuan Municipal Committee Ping An Taiyuan Construction Leading Group Office jointly organized the city’s "anti-fraud promotion" activities, from community, public security, court, procuratorate, The 248 contestants in the sectors of education, health, banking, operators, and securities and other industries participated in the competition.

At the award ceremony, Taiyuan City combats the vice president of the leadership group of the new illegal crime of the telecommunications network, and Wei Yi, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that the city’s staff engaged in anti-fraud, the "propagandist" " , Actively innovate the method of crazy propaganda. It is necessary to go deep into the school, enterprises, community and other key parts and volatile people to carry out precision propaganda, play a role of biopsy, and focus on improving the awareness and ability of the people of the city to identify anti-fraud.

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