The study found that ecological protection helps Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain recovery "叫"

Xinhua News Agency, August 9th (Reporter Zhang Wenjing, Guo Gang) National Deadsweed Sand Strip, Northeast Ecological Environment Resources Research Institute, Dunhuang Gobi Recaline Research Station, Fu Jianjun, through the Mingsha Mingsha Mingsha, Dunhuang City, Gansu Province On the basis of continuous investigation, it has been successfully found in the Shansha Mountain area, and some Shasha Mountain recovered "twice".

On August 6th, tourists played in the city of Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain in Dunhuang, Gansu.

The respondents are introduced by the Mun Junjun, Mingsha Shandong starts to Mogao Grottoes, and the West is about 40 kilometers, and there are about 20 kilometers wide from Northern and South. "The sand will sing?" In this, he explained that Singha is also called the sand, whistle sand or music sand, often distributed in the desert and beach, and is most rare in the desert, it is considered a magical Natural phenomena, and therefore become important tourism resources. However, the famous Mingsha Mountain in my country and the famous Mingsha Mountain in China have lost their voice function in China.

After years of research, Qi Junjun found that the surface of the surface of the natural sand surface of Dunhuang City is formed by a variety of factors such as wind erosion, water etching, and constitutes a co-cultivation chamber, with an external force, and rubbed each other during exercise. The very weak vibration sound is generated, and the resonance is largely resonant to a large amount of surface cavity, so that the human ear receives the sound spectrum of the spun. However, environmental pollution and increase in human activities have led to the mosaic sand grain wear in Dunhuang City, but will continue to produce impurities such as dust. When these impurities invade the holes of the sand, the damping mechanism is lost to "dumbs" due to the damping effects of the sandy surface.

His research results have earned the second prize of the 8th China Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition in 2019.

The Qian Jun told reporters that around the 1990s, due to increased human activities, human excessive stepping, it is difficult to give Mingsha Mountain Ecological Protection, and some Singha has gradually lost the sound mechanism. In recent years, the local government has launched the Sandshan banned protected project, which has delineed the sand-enabled zone, carrying out the ban, vegetation conservation projects to help Shatsha Mountain, Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain, resume "tweet", and formed Rare Sweds. On August 6th, the Jun Jianjun’s researcher team was filmed by the Spring Scenic Spot of Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain in Dunhuang. The respondents are mapped by many years of scientific protection. Some of the sand hill sand in Dunhuang City, the sand, the sand is purified, and the sand is purified, and the sand will be stepped on the back of the ‘Ning’. "Qi Jianjun suggested. The scientific investigation of Shansha resources should be carried out as soon as possible. Through the inspection and evaluation of Dunhuang Mingsha resources, it is accurately positioned to Mingsha dunes, protecting this magical natural phenomenon, thereby providing scientific basis for Dunhuang Mingsha Tourism Resources and rational development and utilization.