The school gate is inversely retrograde! Who can manage this road?

Recently, there is a public that there is a safety hazard in the long-term motor vehicle in Jian’an West Road, Haidian District, causing safety hazards.

Jian’an West Road and Xitcheng Road intersection intersection to Jian’an West Road and Huayuan Road intersection, is a single line of east to west, I have passed this section every morning, I can find a vehicle retrograde. Mr. Gao is reflected, often has a vehicle in Ji’an West Road, affecting the traffic order. The road here is not wide, there is a pioneering community in the road side, and the child’s non-motor train will send children. There are many motor vehicles. Reverse vehicles are very harmful, and they hope that the traffic control department can strictly enforce the law. On the afternoon of November 12, the reporter came to Jian’an West Road. I saw the intersection of Jian’an West Road and the garden road. There is a signage of the motor vehicle by the east to west, and the intersection of Jian’an West Road and Xiucheng Road. It is erected to prohibit the signs, the southern road on the south side of the intersection, also vertically prohibiting the right transfer.

There is a trace of yellow lines in the central road of Jian’an West Road. It has been removed. On both sides of the road are electronic paid parking lots. Most vehicles can travel according to traffic markers, but the retrograde vehicles have appeared.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, a van was opened by a vicinity in the nearby community, and the road was straight to the garden road to the garden road. Then a gray private car is also reversed by the traffic flowing through, and the pedestrians on the side are in the traffic flow. Dangerous walking.

After the school period, a white SUV retrograde has passed the entrance of the forward elementary school, so that the normal driving vehicle has to stop, the two cars are swayed in the entrance of the primary school, and they can’t make the wrong space for nearly 3 minutes. The rock is impatiently impatient. The reporter observed at the road to find that there were 5 motor vehicles in about 10 minutes. In the wide section of the road side, the retrograde vehicle did not avoid the normal driving vehicle when the car, did not slow down, and the parents and children who came home next to the road were shocked. Before this road is two-way driving, approximately one or two years ago, because of the maintenance subway, plus road transformation, the parking space is changed, and it is changed to a single line.

The road sign, the label is clearly clearly indicated, but the individual driver is lucky, deliberately violating traffic regulations, this situation has been almost two years.

Mr. Gao said. The reporter noted that in 2015, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Transportation Administration issued a notice of traffic management measures that were prohibited from the west direction from the West East Direction of Jian’an West Road. In May of this year, the Traffic Management Bureau once again announced that in order to ensure the safety of road traffic safety during the construction of Subway No. 27, No. 2, the construction period, Jian’an West Road (Jian’an West Road and Xitcheng Road intersection intersection to Jian’an West Road and Garden Road The intersection of intersection is prohibiting social vehicles from traveling by West China. On April 10, 2022, the Vehcun Road, the eastern driving vehicle, along the West Turki Road, the North Earth West Road, the garden road.

Mr. Gao believes that in the absence of management measures and traffic logo, the reason why the peak time period is still in the morning and evening, because in accordance with the management regulations, it will go to the west of the Subway West Turkish Station, a lot of traffic traffic. The driver who didn’t want to traffic jams therefore I chose a retrograde. This picture is convenient, the retrograde behavior of the market not only exists on a single-way road, but also appears in the non-motor vehicle lane.

At the garden road, the entrance to the Yuan Damou City Ruins Park, a private car was parked on the roadside, reversing on the bicycle, so that the rider and pedestrians have avoided. The map is convenient, the retrograde is shortcut, which not only violates the provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, but also brings great safety hazards to themselves and the surrounding people. I hope that the general public can consciously abide by traffic rules, safe travel.

(Original title: The school gate is more than a single line, step by step! Who can manage this road?) Source: Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Zhang Xue Process Editor: U022 Editor: U022.