Hangzhou Gongshu: Three nails of the three party members

  On December 7, there was an 上海海选品茶微信 epidemic in Dongxinyuan, Gongshu District, Hangzhou. The three party members, three nails, have established a Temporary Party Branch in Dongxin Park, and the party building leads to every corner of the isolation point. Youth Party Member Yao Fangwei: Working as a Best "I am the youngest one in the leader team, and only I have not married, my parents support understanding, I must take the ‘heavy". "At receiving the To Dongxin After the news of the garden, the member of the Dangdong Party branch, Yao Fangwei, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation, took the lead, requested to go to the isolation point.

  Transportation of living materials, patrol security inspections, dealing with internal police, feedback epidemic situation … Yao Fangwei in East Xinyuan isolation points do everything efforts to 静安区419哪家服务好 do outstanding epidemic prevention and control. When you just entered the isolation point, the accommodation conditions are inconvenient, he will sleep directly in the hall of the community service room. Because of the busy work, he often handles hand work, while seeing a knockout and snatching a few mouthfuls.

  Tired? He shook his head: "Young, you can do it!" Middle-aged party member Lu Jun: Sapphire Animing duties "Little girl, this is too heavy, I will take, I will take it.

"Dongxin Institute" Dadang "Lu Master saw the little girl in the community moved the nucleic acid detection shelf, shouting, quickly helping. The 51-year-old party member police Lu Jun, often in-depth and people to communicate with the Community , People who know him call him Lu Master.

  In order to do a good care of the isolation point residents, he will pay special attention to the people in the community when patrolling, in addition to the people in the community, in order to make persuasion mediation work in time. Dongxin Park is the old community, and the elderly are more, love to stroll for a walk. After the community is closed, some elderly people have a long time, and they are a little irritated, noisy.

At this time, Lu Jun took the initiative to persuade, and Xiao Zhi was talked about, and finally persuaded the old man.

  The old party member Zhan Shunfu: The old man is a sealing in Dongxin Park, there is a blue and blue warner, a little "petite" person, especially conspicuous.

  He is Zhan Shunfu, 58 years old, is an old party member, and it will retire for two years.

  Master Zhan has been older, and there is old injury on the feet. The action is slower when carrying the materials, but he still ran again.

In fact, in the beginning of the epidemic, the family of Zhan Master advised him not to go in. After all, he was old, and his 上海不正规浴场哪里有 body is not good. But he said: "Dongxin Park is the old town, the traffic is large, the situation is complicated, if I quit, everyone’s burden is heavier.

"Zhan Master participated in a few tens of materials to carry, the five-day patrol duty, more than 40 kinds of love service. He said:" Only we do more, the masses will be a bit.

"They are an epitome of the East China ‘s anti – vulgence. They play the pioneers of party members to lead the role, practice the important instructions of" three energy ", with their own tenacity and pay, in exchange for peace and stability in the jurisdiction. (陈)) (Editor: Leaf) Pentax, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see the recommended reading.