Coordinate the resolution of administrative cases of first instance 3319! Henan issued "people suing government officials" typical case

People’s Network Zhengzhou December 1st (Wang Pei) January to October 2021, the province’s court coordinated 3,319 cases of administrative cases, coordinated composing rates rose by 2 percentage points year-on-year … November 30, Henan High Court held The substantive resolution of the Administrative Dispute Typical Case Press, which is notified in the relevant situation of the substantive resolution of the Henan Court administrative dispute, and has a brief description of the basic cases, results and typical significance of the 12 typical cases released. Timely coordinate and solve administrative disputes (litigation) cases, commonly known as "people suing government officials" in such cases is of great significance for maintaining social harmony and stability.

According to statistics, from January to October 2021, Henan Provincial Court coordinated 3,319 cases of administrative cases, 上海品茶低端微信 coordinating the correction rate, rising 2 percentage points from the same period last year.

How does "kick the skin" in the case of the "Civil Officer" case? Wang Yahua, member of the Party Group of Henan High Court, Wang Yuhua, introduced, to focus on cracking the administrative trial "Procedure" problem, 2021 Henan Court issued the "Some Problems on Adjusting the Jurisdiction of Administrative Litigation Cases" "" About the Administrative Case The defendant guidance (trial) "and other documents," promoting the substantive resolution of administrative disputes. Subsequently, Li Jihong, the executive trial of Henan High Court, picked up 12 typical cases, involving administrative agreements, administrative compensation, administrative allowance, etc., covering 上海松江水磨实体店 administrative collection, land management, human resources and social security, environmental protection, Many administrative species such as investment investment, there are existing traditional practices for regulating cases such as compensation, administrative agreements, administrative compensation and other cases, and new explorations for administrative penalties, administrative allowance, administrative prosecution, work injury identification, etc. It is a part of the recent court substantive resolution of the results of the administrative controversy.

Wang Yuhua introduced that typical cases have important leaders, demonstrations, guiding significance. The 12 typical cases, focusing on administrative controversial resolution, the implementation of the original case, to promote the administrative organs and the masses 上海水磨桑拿论坛 to unlock the administrative organs and the masses to make the administrative organs and the masses , Make a concession, prompting administrative controversy. Next, the Henan Court will promote the administrative dispute to the platform to better play substantive role, promote the person in charge of the administrative organs at all levels to appear in court, solve the problem of the "do not see the official" problem.

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