2021 will be held in the Han Chong Love

Hubei Daily News (reporter Huang Lu) 上海品茶龙凤论坛 15 to 17 November, 2021 Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Development Fair (referred to as "the founding of China") was held in Wuhan.

By then, the guests at home and abroad will come to the party, grand CRE love, compose CRE dream. Current CRE will "Million Overseas concentric, China Unicom world" as the theme, the Hubei Provincial Government, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs 上海徐汇区洗浴中心多少钱 Office, co-sponsored by Wuhan municipal government.

Since its inception in 2001, CRE will be held for the twentieth in Wuhan, this year is the twenty-first. Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading worldwide, the world is facing a major change in the situation No of a century. In this context, CRE will take on a new mission, carrying a new hope. This year, the CRE will be closely linked to the development of science and technology innovation-driven, high-quality economic development, the new two-cycle pattern of development, rural development and other major revitalization strategy, the use of "under the line + line" form, will host the opening ceremony, Wuhan forum, key projects the signing ceremony, the eighth "CRE Cup" business Plan competition awards ceremony.

At the 419论坛上海品茶 same time, special activities will be held in 12 games.

Current CRE will further optimize the structure of the guests, invited representatives focused on high-quality overseas Chinese professionals, high-level representatives of the Chamber of Commerce as well as high levels of foreign business associations, Fortune 500 companies, and other aspects of foreign high-tech companies.

Around the Yangtze River economic belt, such as the rise of the national strategy and the central region of our province, "51020" modern industrial system, optical core screen end net industrial distribution, collection projects focused on environmental protection, biological medicine, new energy, advanced manufacturing and other fields.