Agricultural Bank Chongqing Branch is more measures to promote green finance

  People’s Network Chongqing November 18th This year, the ABC Chongqing Branch focuses on key projects, key industries, key areas, and continuously carry out financial innovation, multi-measures to promote green financial development, and green financial business has greatly increased significantly. As of the end of October, the green credit daily balance increased, issued green bonds (including carbon neutrics), 3.1 billion yuan.

  Specifically, the Agricultural 上海水磨全套qq群 Bank Chongqing Branch continues to deepen cooperation with the Ecological Environment Bureau and the Chongqing Joint Property Exchange, vigorously develop the green credit mortgage guarantee business and standardite equity, project income rights, franchise rights, and pollutine-like financing guarantee business, actively promotion Green financial bonds, green credit asset securitization and other market-cultural financing methods, multi-channel roads provide financial assistance for green industry development.

  The bank adheres to the green development mode, help energy-saving and environmental protection project financing, focusing on the construction of urban orbit transportation projects such as 渝万,, 渝 and other railway projects and rail transit nine, ten, 18 lines and ring lines.

  Focusing on the strategic 上海qm逍遥网 industries such as Double City Economy in the Chengyu region and "two new", the ABC Chongqing Branch adheres to the digitalization and digital industrialization of high-quality financial services to help industries. Previously, a new high-tech enterprise in Chongqing was provided with a package of financial services programs, in order to help Banan to create a large data industry aggregation area in the southern China in Chongqing, and build a digital economic system in Chongqing. Actively carry out green financial services around carbon Damu peaks, carbon, and demand, to increase green credit and green investment, providing credit funding for a group of green projects, supporting the construction of the Yangtze River Ecological barrier.

  In order to improve the source of green finance, the Agricultural Bank 上海闵行哪里有洗浴会所 Chongqing Branch continues to advance financial products and service model innovation, explore more convenient, efficient development paths, adhere to the four a batch of effective methods, according to "incorporate reserves, is declaring, reported To be approved, approved "principles, the corresponding measures are taken for the direction of the different links, and the project reservoir is built, and the effective mode of cycling advancement is formed.

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