A Shares Half Year Newspaper Disclosure of Capital Market Helps Innovation and Development

Original title: Capital Market Helps Innovation Development A Share Market For 2021, I have been disclosed. From the financial indicators of listed companies, bond market financing performance and refinancing markets, in the first half of the year, my country’s capital market not only supports the strength of scientific and technological innovation in new shares, not only in the field of new shares, but also to play the resource optimization configuration function. Komantuang listed companies have improved the industrial chain and supply chain to provide a broad stage. Many industry insiders interviewed by Economic Daily said that the half-year reporting 上海全套外卖 explains that the capital market continues to increase in innovation, creation, and creativity, both for traditional industries and "new technologies, new industries, new formats, new modes" depth integration The high-quality environment is also a new solution for the financing and financing of the creative enterprises.

  Science and technology company performance, as of August 31, there were currently 4426 A-share listed companies that have been disclosed in the sixth year, and 3,805 companies in the first half of the year were growing up, and the number is more than 85%; There are 3252 listed companies with net profit achieved year-on-year, accounting for more than 70%. The semi-annual report also shows that more than 300 books of listed companies in net profit, business income, earnings per share, etc., are well better than some traditional listed companies, 上海美女经纪工作室 of which hot scenery, Jingfeng Mingyuan, Guangfeng Technology The net profit of listed companies such as Changyuan Luxeang and Haishengke, and the company’s net profit increased, which fully reflects the development of scientific and technological enterprises to develop significantly after the development of the market, and the capital market is in support enterprise technology innovation.

  Tian Lihui, Dean of Nankai University Financial Development Research Institute, said that the superior performance of listed companies, especially the non-proportion of "transcripts" related to the listed companies of Bochuo, from a side to explain the capital market to support scientific and technological innovation development, this is a phased outcome, this It is boring in a series of reform and opening up policies in the capital market, and is also inseparable from the provision of domestic and foreign economic recovery on market demand and "six steady six guarantees", tax cuts, etc., etc., a series of macro policies, etc. Unremitting efforts are closely related. In the first half of 2021, the number of A-share IPO has grown sharply over the same period last year. In the first half of the year, a total of 108% increased over the same period last year, the total financing was 210.09 billion yuan, an increase of 51% over the same period last year.

Among them, the number of new listed companies in Kechuang and GEM is 86, 85, and become a branch of A-share IPO financing. A group of "four new" companies have received more direct financing, promoting production and operation, and new stairs. Realize your own technology innovation. The half-year report show that the M & A restructuring of the A-share market in the first half of the year maintains a more active state, with a total of 1109 companies completed 1539 M & A restructuring, involving fund billions, covering the 28th Class of Shenwan. Industry. Among them, the number of M & A restructuring companies in the three industries in the three industries in the real estate industry accounts.

  Liu Xiangxin, researcher, said, in the fields of new energy vehicles, semiconductors, communications and other fields, some M & A restructuring cases fully reflect the characteristics of resource allocation function in the capital market. For example, the automotive industry is moving from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, smart driving vehicles, and more than M & A incidents in the industry are mainly influenced by industrial upgrading, national policies and consumer demand changes. M & A restructuring is conducive to new energy automotive industries Absorb the advanced manufacturing experience of traditional cars, enhance their own technology innovation, and it is also conducive to industrial chain and supply chain integration.

  "Some scientific and technological listed companies that have received direct financing live water reflect higher growth characteristics, which is the natural advantage of capital markets in supporting technology innovation.

Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai Open Source Fund, said that the capital market has a significant advantage in innovative activities such as traditional commercial banks due to risk compensation, and traditional commercial banks.

The financial indicators of some scientific and technological listed companies in the middle of the year are better, and the stock market supports the unique role of technological innovation. Re-financing is a combined part of the listed company’s efforts to integrate the half-year report and Wanfa information data. In the first half of the year, a total of listed companies disclosed to increase the data data, total increasing billions, expected total fundraising to reach 100 million yuan; in the first half of the year, there are 64 At home, A-share listed company issued convertible bonds, and issued a total scale of 100 million yuan.

  Financial Securities Statistics show that from the industry, the industry is the largest industry, the industry is more than 31 times, with a total of approximately 15%; secondly, the chemical raw materials and chemical manufacturing industry, total 20 times, accounting for approximately 10%; again for special equipment manufacturing, a total of 18 times, accounting for about 9%. From the raised amount, the financial service industry, computer communications industry, and automobile manufacturing industry.

  Huang Hongwei, analyst, said that in the new economic sector, especially the high-tech manufacturing, biomedicine industry, communication industry, and the biomedicine industry, communication industry, etc., which are the main development of China ‘s economic development, fast development, and more funds. big.

The company’s estimate is high, and there is a fixed financing and accelerate the inner motivation of development.

Plus the 2020 capital market to refinanate "loose", providing an opportunity for listed companies, for large market values, companies with core competitive companies, increased success rate, a group of listed companies Financing achieves capacity expansion and transformation and upgrading are expected.

Refinitive financing tools such as convertible bonds, orientation, and other stocks have ease the financing of financing, and the financing is active. The company’s debt stable growth bond market plays an important role in supporting technology innovation.

The half year report shows that the A-share market has implemented the bond issuance plan or passed the debt plan, of which 15 corporate commission programs have been approved by the Securities Regulatory Commission, and 1 stop implementation, 67 Has implemented a debt plan, 77 borrowing plans have adopted shareholders’ congresses (not yet implemented), and 36 board plans have been implemented.

In addition to the listed companies that stop the implementation of the debt, the remaining 195 listed companies have issued bonds or proposed to issue bonds.

  In the first half of the year, the bond margin of listed companies is mainly based on corporate bonds, ultra-short-term financing bonds and medium-term tickets, and a small part is asset support securities and credit debt.

From a case, the listing bank is still large in the first half of the year, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Postal Savings Bank, China Bank of Communications, from 190 billion yuan, 150 billion yuan, 140 billion listed companies to issue a bond plan list list The top three. Remove 12 listed companies without bond rating, there are 182 bonds issued by listed companies to obtain "stable" rating prospects, only the bonds issued by the over-high-speed listed company, have been "negative" rating prospects. As an important form of capital market supports scientific and technological innovation, the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Exchange has never harvested the company’s bond market.

In the first half of the year, in the first half of the year, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange’s total issued company bonds were bonded, and the issuance of trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 4%, the number of issues, and the overall size of the scale showed a smooth growth. In fact, since 2016, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange has been actively carrying out the pilot of innovation and entrepreneurial companies.

  Jin Niu Taoism Network Analyst Palace is introduced that the creative bond is a further deepening and upgrade of the connotation of the dual-hand bond. The fundraising funds will be specifically used to meet the scientific innovation enterprises in accordance with national key support industries, which can give full play to the role of capital market to optimize resource allocation, and promote its active exploration of strategic emerging industrial financing models. Chief Economist Chief Economist, Chief Securities, said that the capital market should serve the technological innovation enterprises, on the one hand, to solve the problem of financing and financing of Kobodyn companies, and give the necessary support from policy angle; on the other hand Kechuang companies often have high-yielding characteristics, can guide the market to give a higher valuation within the reasonable scope of Kechuang Enterprises, which is conducive to corporate orientation, transfer, transduction borrows, and equity camp, and help companies do bigger.

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