From the students to the electrical system command, he only used a year.

  One day in late August, Qiuyang Gaozhao, China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center A model task is ready to live, wearing blue overalls, Zhang Jian, who is wearing thick frame, is transferred to the various test places of the launch field rocket system, dozens of dozens Setting the ground equipment and arrows to conduct technical handle and status confirmation.

  "It is a thing I dreamed of." This 29-year-old young man said.

  In January 2020, Zhang Jian graduated from the Ph.D. of the School of Empty Sky Science, National University of Defense Technology.

At school, he is a teacher, the scientific research in the eyes of classmates, delivered 5 top SCI papers 上海水磨干磨交流群 during the school, with two national invention patents, a number of research topics. "Unfortunately! Going to the Research Institute with your research capabilities.

"I learned Zhang Jian to go to the northwestern Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. There is a schoolmate to say. Can Zhang Jian does not think so," The aerospace launch of these years is increasingly high-density, and the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is my country. Aerospace merit launcher, it is certainly available.

"One to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Zhang Jian is assigned to the launch test station exercise.

From the mainland to the desert, from the prosperous urban to Gobiode, just start Zhang Jian’s uncomfortable, but he debug himself with the shortest time, actively integrating this big family in the launch test station. In July 2020, the grassroots exercise ended, Zhang Jian Ding was edited to the Rockets and micrographs, officially opened his own aerospace career.

  "At the electrical system, pay attention to each other!" On July 29th, Tianchi No. 1 04 Star launch site, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center micro-passing hall came back the electrical system command clearly and loud password.

Going to the sound, a young and strange face is introduced into the eye, "That is Zhang Jian, did he be assigned to our unit last year, it is so fast!" From the students to the electrical system, Zhang Jian only used it. For 1 year, his "progress" speed is amazing.

  "This year, I have been fuller than my doctor graduated." Only Zhang Jian himself clearly, in order to quickly adapt to the new post, he has worked silently.

  Compared with undergraduate graduates, Zhang Jian knows that he is too old, compared with other colleagues, it is still a "aerospace white".

With a strong sense of urgency and crisis, he leaving the inherent professional thinking and regards everyone in the group as a teacher, from the most basic learning.

Test operation during the day, work overtime learning principles. For only 1 month, he figured out all circuit diagram principles, signals, flowways, functions of the control system. "Every night, his office’s light is very late, we all overtime, he hasn’t gone yet.

"The Director of Zhang Jian’s diligence, the director of the Rocket Measures, Zhao Lei, is deep.

  Opportunity awaits those who are prepared.

In January of this year, the new integrated survey control system began to use because the original rocket was measured. New equipment needs to be re-lay and debug, the new technical status needs to be learned from head learning, the workload is high, and the standard requirement is high. "Let Zhang Jian goes down this hard bone." Zhao Lei handed this arduous task to Zhang Jian, who was first out.

  The rocket microphone is not a jade, in Tian Painting No. 1 04 star mission, the new integrated surveillance system first actual combat, new equipment, new personnel, new instruments, new position configuration, new microdynamics, for each participation Personnel is a great test, and Zhang Jian, who is the first to serve as the electrical system is a severe challenge.

  In order to make new equipment better into actual combat, Zhang Jian made the early preparation work and fine, new test operating procedures, emergency disposal plans, organizational installation equipment, laying cable, commissioning equipment, writing new equipment training Textbook … Zhang Jian is busy in an orderly manner.

  Many years of college life let Zhang Jian have developed a hard study and is good at summarizing habits. In order to improve the learning efficiency of the operator, he combed the precautions and knowledge points of the new equipment operation, including more than 100 cables and signal definitions, hundreds of relays function indexes and logical relationships, and practice proven, these materials It is a traine material with strong practical value.

  Every day, the task class, Zhang Jian is carefully prepared, carefully combing the payment of the next day, reminding other system colleagues to have possible problems, and ensure that the task is going smoothly according to the process.

  During the 1-month task measurement cycle, Zhang Jian led the electrical system micrographs of the electrical system did not have a misleading, misuse, and new application integration and control system realized zero failover, the task implemented process Perfect, the result is a complete.

  "It is very pleasant to accept the task, and the task is complete, Zhang Jian is beautiful." Zhao Lei commented. "He has ever seen the fastest electrical system command. Generally, he has to use his hand to the command for six or seven years. He used it for 1 year, it is too good!" Control system old command, launch test station senior engineer Pan Tao is awesome.

  Solid, serious, and learning is the unanimous evaluation of Zhang Jian.

During the mission of Shenzhou 12, Zhang Jian is standing, but he participated in every task truth and listened to the analysis method of the predecessors and colleagues on the problem of fault issues. "I am a newcomer, I have to look at it, learn more.

"Zhang Jian said. On June 17, Shenzhou No. 12 spacecraft flew down, and the three astronauts were in the country. Zhang Jian, who was watching this scene in the hall, was shocked, and the heart is struggling, and it is determined to work hard to accumulate energy. Manned spaceflight next flight makes its own contribution.

  After the work, Zhang Jian combined with the job. In the year, the author and the author of the author and the author of the author were published in SCI Journals such as "Ceramicsinternational" "JournalofcryStalGrowth", which were referenced by various research units at home and abroad. . It can grow rapidly in a short period of time, Zhang Jian is not open to the experience platform provided by the party organization.

In recent years, in order to adapt to the task situation, the launch test station adheres to the opening of the open gathering talents, and the talent training guidelines, the talent training, encourages high-education scientific and technological personnel, diamonds, research, and shorten the talent training cycle. In response to the quality of the new graduation, the characteristics of high learning ability. During the year, Zhang Jian is arranged in all the key positions in the system, and the road to others can finish the way.

  At 19:15 on August 24, my country used the Long March No. 2 Co-Carrying Rocket in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center to successfully fuse the test satellite 01/02 star to the scheduled track, and the launch task was successfully successfully successfully. This is the 385th flight of the Long March series launch rocket, and it is also a 12th task involved in Zhang Jian. "I am very proud of being fortunate to participate in so many launch tasks.

"Strolling in the empty launch site, looks at the majestic launch tower, Zhang Jian said," Here, it is difficult to plant a tree, but now the sky is green, the launch site is lush, this is The predecessors struggle hard and reluctantly witness.

I will spur yourself with this, look up to the starry sky, the foot, the earth, contribute to the dream of the Space Dream.

上海普陀区洗浴按摩 "Feng Qingling Source: China Youth Daily.