Day Red Liuyang River Wine: Quality Win Market Wine Fragrance 

Liuyang River Red Cangling is fermented with a low-temperature low temperature cider pool in accordance with the traditional brewing process. Liuyang River Wine Industry is a Sanxiang University is a red hot earth. Liuyang River Wine has always taken a series of red trails such as red footprints in the brownd of red cultural connotations. In 2019, "Red Discise is China" Liuyang River Red Family, as the company’s strategic new product to market.

In May 2020, Liu Chunxia signed a contract with Liuyang River liquor manufacturers, responsible for the general 上海水磨品茶agent in Hong Kong wine in Liuyang.

"Because the red party is new, sign a proxy contract, many relatives and friends advise me to carefully, but from years of experience, I firmly believe that I will not choose wrong." Liu Chunxia said in an interview, local constant optimized business The environment gives her confidence in the business. At the end of last year, Liu Chunxia opened an image store in the intersection of Liuyang Theater Road and Tangjiazhou. "If you have a business license, you don’t have to run, it is very convenient to run!" Any product, only relying on the hard quality to win the market, wine is no exception.

Liuyang River is good, it is another reason for Liu Chunxia to cancel.

&上海闵行区会所预约电话 quot;Liuyang River Red Cangshu according to the traditional brewing process, using a dietary low 上海干磨网 temperature cider pool, the entrance to the lips and teeth, the aroma is rich.