Hainan Province’s first rural property transaction platform Sanya online

  On November 10, Hainan (Sanya) Rural Property Transaction Service Center Information Service Platform is online.

According to reports, this is the first rural property transaction platform in Hainan Province, and it is also another practice of Sanya System Innovation, marking the construction of Sanya Rural property rights trading market. On the same day, Sanya Jiyang District Honghua Village, the village group share economic cooperative, and Sanya Red Flower Tourism Development Co. "In the past 7 acre ponds in the village did not have economic benefits, there is still a safety hazard, and the pit pond water surface use rights 上海静安区快餐服务 will be transferred to the Red Flower Tourism Development Co., Ltd., 20,000 yuan per year, and increment year by year.

"The representatives of the village group of Honghua Village, Jiyang District said happily.

  It is understood that Hainan (Sanya) Rural Property Transaction Service Center transaction variety includes rural land contractual management rights, rural collective economic organization "four shortcomings" use rights, rural homestead use rights, rural housing ownership, rural collective business construction land use rights Increase and decrease the collective construction of the collective construction land, occupying the compensation and balance indicators, rural waters, beach farming rights, agricultural production facilities ownership, small water conservancy facilities 上海嘉定品茶上门 ownership, management rights, water rights and use rights, forest rights, rural collective business Asset ownership, rural collective asset equity, agricultural intellectual property, rural property rights (arrived), rural project planning and project promotion, rural construction project, industrial project investment and transfer, including one-stop service for the masses.

  At the same time, establish a service operation system centered on Sanya City, radiating the "Da Sana" tourism economic circle, providing place facilities, information release, information release, flow transfer, etc. , Policy consultation, organizational circulation and other services.

  "The Rural Property Transaction Service Center allows the original hand to see the ownership value of owners, activating the rural ‘sleeping 上海学茶艺哪里比较好 assets’, caught capital flows to the key channels of agricultural rural areas, and the new kinetic energy is injected into the agriculture. "Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Rural Rural Area of ??Sanya City

The establishment of the Rural Property Transaction Service Center can achieve the maximum rural resource efficiency, drive rural resources, promote the development of agricultural rural areas, enrich Sanya agriculture, and promote farmers’ income.

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