Feixi County solids health education and health promotion

In order to implement the health of health and China, strengthen chronic disease prevention and children’s adolescent mental health and safety promotion, do a good job in the national high blood pressure day in 2021, the world’s mental health day theme publicity activities, Feixi County Health and Health Committee Organized County Straight Medical Health Unit, The township health centers and villages have a wide range of health education and health promotion.

Develop issuance of the issuance of health education and health promotion promotion activities, and arrange for various work in advance.

In-depth community, school, and market to carry 上海龙凤shlf1314新 out free clinic, mental health lecture activities, let "blood pressure should be knowledgeable, suck down to meet the standard" "Three good teenagers who strive to be a new era" "three minus + three health" health knowledge is deeply rooted. Through broadcasting radio, WeChat public account, WeChat friends circle, mobile app client and other media forms, all-round promotion services, to push beneficial health consultation, policy propaganda, policy propaganda, health education and health promotion to the masses For medical and patient exchanges, the commission is connected to the broadcast and television station to conduct field interviews and broadcast on health education and health promotion activities. The event is a large-scale, all-round, multi-level health knowledge education and health promotion 龙凤论坛娱乐地图 publicity, forming coverage, county, township, village three-level mission and promotion grid. Through a variety of ways of publicity education and health promotion, the majority of residents have further understood the prevention and control knowledge of high blood pressure, strengthen the awareness of high blood pressure prevention and control of residents, and achieve early detection of hypertension, early diagnosis, early treatment publicity purposes, Increased the degree of attention to the masses of mental health of children’s youth, helping children youths to grasp mental health related knowledge, improve their mental adapter, assist parents to establish scientific education and health promotion safety concepts, help children correctly understand, handling emotions Guide the public to pay attention to mental health and safety.

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