Do everything possible to protect the market main body (the people’s commentary)

Original title: Do everything possible to protect the market subject (the people’s comment) enterprises are influenced by new crown pneumonia, what should I do if I have no normal operation? Recently announced, the first set of laborators will be established in the "Regulations on Market Subject Registration Regulations" on March 1, 2022. This system is difficult to encounter difficulties, but there are still strong business willing and capabilities to retain market principal qualifications and set "buffer belt".

This system has only reduced the cost of retention eligibility for the market entities, and has effectively reduced the waste of social resources and is of great significance for creating a loose business environment.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to protect the market subject to the economic development of basic forces. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has a huge impact on the economy, and many market entities in my country face unprecedented pressure.

The Party Central Committee clearly proposed to do a good job in "six stable" work, implement the "six guarantees" mission, all departments have introduced a series of policy measures to protect the market entities, implement the benefits of benefiting and benefiting the enterprises, and high emphasis on helping the small and medium-sized Enterprises have passed over difficulties. With the support of various policy measures, some operations encountered difficult market entities, and production and operation pressure is effectively alleviated.

In the third quarter, the profit of industrial enterprises above the country increased in the year-on-year, and the overall will maintain a good increase.

The State Council executive meeting was held not long before, deployed in implementing stage sexual tax reservoirs such as small and medium-sized micro enterprises in manufacturing, further increasingly helping the play.

The market main body is the economic power carrier, and the main body of Baodi house is to ensure the social productivity, the maintenance of the people, and protect the inception of China’s economy. It is important to see that as an important part of the market entity, some small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and 上海美女品茶微信 commercial households have been relatively weak, and some are still more difficult, and they need to "slow down". According to the actual situation of the small and medium-sized market, the relevant department strengthens the development annual certificate, promptly introduces the system, helping to maintain the company’s deposit, given more opportunities and space decide whether to operate, help boost small and medium-sized enterprises Difficult confidence. In addition, it will be implemented as a burst of small and medium-sized enterprises (including individual industrial and commercial households) (including individual industrial and commercial households), which will be reduced by 2 billion yuan, which is expected to slowly turn around 200 billion yuan. Increase financial support for small and micro enterprises, 上海外滩419会所电话 support bank expansion to small-grade corporate credits to small-grade corporate credits … a series of protection of small and micro market subjects will play an important role in developing economies, expanding employment, active markets, and improving people’s livelihood. For the market main body, strong policy measures not only send genuine silver policy gift packages, but also praise the spiritual god to help form a good expectation, protect and stimulate market subjectivity. The data shows that the new tax-related market main body has accumulated 10,000 new taxes. Compared with 2020, in 2019, the average increase of%,%, two years respectively, the number increase, structural optimization and employment capacity expansion, show The Chinese economy still maintains strong toughness. Next, there should be more strategic, targeted to increase the power of help, while improving the institutional design, avoiding individual market body drilling empty spaces.

For example, the rest business should prevent corporate malicious evading debts and supervision, bringing risks to market transaction security; staged slowdrops must prevent non-eligible enterprises to explorate the burned policy, and so on. Maintain a market environment of fair competition, avoid informed coins, which is conducive to stimulating market subjectivity, so that the majority of market subject is benign. China has strong economic toughness, potential, and returned room, so that some market mains "slow down" is a greater strength to accumulate economic development. Further increase support, innovation system design, release policy dividends, multi-party work

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