Global Connection War and Syrian Reconstruction Development China – Interview with 上海虹口品茶 General Secretary of the Unified Syrian Communist Party

  In the interview with the Syrian Communist Party, Najimding Harriti said that China has accumulated valuable experience in building socialism with Chinese characteristics. All countries in the world can benefit, especially in developing countries, including Syria.He said that after another 10 years of war, Syria needs to achieve sustainable comprehensive development, and China’s experience provides a reference for it.Total plan: Zhou Zongmin planar: Sun Zhiping producer: Mi Li Ling: Shi Peng Yang Xinyi Qiang Li Liangyong Qin Dafa Li Qin Board: Cheng Shuzheng Jiang includes Hong Ling Zhu Jianhui reporter: Wang Jian Zheng Yimsev (reporterPacking: Xia Yong Xinhua News Agency 上海水磨论坛24小时 audio and video department production Xinhua News Agency International Communication Fusion 上海喝茶高端qq Platform.