Changsha Rural Commercial Bank: Adhere to Cultural Relief Composition of High Quality Development New Chapter

Changsha Rural Commercial Bank held a party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work conference.

Interview with the People’s Network Changsha on October 21st, in recent years, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank adheres to the development concept of cultural and ranking, focusing on the development vision of "Building a Temperature of the People", vigorously promoting corporate culture construction, Actively cultivate the cultural and ranking of the Hunan Rural Credit Characteristic Culture, and I have a cultural and ranking path of inheriting the 上海水磨干磨微信 tradition of informed agricultural and communication, with the characteristics of agricultural services.

The struggle of struggle with dedication is to struggle is the main melody of the times. The new era of Changsha farmer pedestrians actively practice the initial mission, dare to attack the hard work, the hard work of the traditional Agricultural service culture, the generation .

Changsha Rural Commercial Bank attaches great importance to the typical tree labeled rod work, creates a struggle-style micro-Japanese column, in-depth immunity, and organizes the practice of advanced typical deeds and typical characters, mental quality, etc. to explore and refine It has fully played the advanced typical leading role. At the fifth anniversary celebration, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank commends award award for the new era, and through the shooting 上海哪里油压技师漂亮 "Struggle" series promotional video, vigorously promoting typical outstanding person deeds.

In addition, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank launched a "learning party history, practice junior heart, I added glory to the farmer’s market", guiding the company’s employees to translate the love party patriotic enthusiasm into work power; organize party members and cadres to learn advanced Typical human deeds, education guides party members and cadres to have 新阿拉爱上海地址 advanced standards, seeing sage, further carrying forward examples, inheriting the model power, exciting spirit, stimulating dry, truly people are educated, motivated, motivated, truly will The spiritual power of typical examples is transformed into pounds that promote the high quality development of the line.

The base rules and regulations of the law discipline are the life line of the banking industry, and the basis of the high-quality development of banks is also the cornerstone of the bank.

Changsha Rural Commercial Bank has always adheres to the compliance bottom line, building a compliant cultural belief, and incorporates compliance into daily management and employee conduct, and continuously promotes the steady development of the whole bank. Changsha Rural Commercial Bank strengthens top-level security design to improve the corporate governance mechanism, set up a special committee’s talker mechanism, build internal supervision of "three defense lines" as a starting point, continue to improve the internal control environment, and build a set of legal regulations and financial supervision Requirements, an internal control system that is compatible with its own business scale and operating capabilities.

At the same time, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank firmly established a compliance awareness, advocating the compliance core cultural concept of "everyone to talk about compliance, everything, always compulsory", and grasp the key to people, change "passive compliance "For" active compliance ", change" I want to compliance "as" I want to compliance ", and improve the compliance concept in the bank, internalization, organize" ‘pavilion "bright life, consolidate peers "The answer competition and OA answer" weekly "activities to carry out publicity, cultivate integrity culture and compliance financial cultural atmosphere.

In addition, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank improves the combing system framework. In 2021, more than 90 systems have been revised, covering all business lines and operational links; 23 volumes of compilation of printing systems; constructing product innovation review mechanisms, new products must be productive Innovative review team review, new products online, new business promotion is the system.

The Summary and Cultural Summary of the Self-discipline, the Changsha Rural Commercial Bank has always used the "special and excellent" boutique, strengthens the construction of clean and financial cultural construction, promoting the construction of a clean financial cultural platform mechanism and cultural position, and strives to build a wind. Clearing the financial ecology.

Changsha Rural Commercial Bank established the Leading Group, a leading financial cultural construction leading group, member of the party secretary, has formulated the "Implementation Plan for Clean and Financial Culture Construction" and "Clearing and Creating Work Plan for Clearing Financial Culture Construction Demonstration Point", providing a work plan for Qinghe Financial Culture Program of Action; Select the city’s branch and financial market department as a demonstration point of clean and financial cultural construction, with a point, comprehensively promote the construction of the whole bank; carry out the "Lianhe Subject Learning Education Month" activity, create a clean financial cultural column, publishing a clean warning story, password Police sentences and experiences, etc., strengthen positive guidance; through employee discussions, visit condolences, and publicize and innate financial culture, promote farmity virtues, establish agriculture of agriculture.

At the same time, the Changsha Rural Commercial Bank clarified the duties of the party (general) branch of the whole line, strive to build up and down links, cover the discipline inspection and supervision work mechanism of the whole bank; improve the integrity talk system, this year has accumulated 80% of the first level The members of the team have conducted a routine and clean government, listened to the exchange of integrity and self-discipline and party style and clean government, and conducted a clean education and a clean government reminder.

In addition, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank combines the construction of branch position, designing the clean financial cultural publicity exhibition board, making the publicity of the Qinghe financial culture cover all party building positions in all banks; holds the whole line of clean and financial cultural and artistic works, Qinghe Culture forum and other activities, enrich activities The carrier, expansion activity coverage, allowing the honest financial culture to be visible, can be touched, and it will help to create an atmosphere of clear and financial cultures.

Taking Ren Dehuai’s love culture highlighting the company’s responsibility for Changsha Rural Commercial Bank in developing and growing, remembering the mission responsibility, adhering to the initial heart, giving back to society, perform social responsibility with practical actions, and divergent abundance in love.

As a local bank of Changsha Rural Commercial Bank, it has been carried out for three consecutive years of autumn student charity activities, donating free lunch to a rural children to reach 3 million yuan; vigorously support Changsha Youth Development Fund Project, jointly launched "Mango Audiovisual Culture Station "Thousands of thousands of households, donated 2.73 million yuan to Changsha Red Cross and Wuhan Red Cross; Established Changsha Changsha Rural Commercial Bank Charity Foundation, assisted 13 hopes of homes, launch" love free ice cabinet " Public welfare activities, United Street Communities Carry out projects such as "Beautiful Road" "Public Welfare Book House". All the way, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank is committed to pouring the corporate cultural gene of "People’s Bank" to the public welfare industry, accumulating nearly 10 million yuan, transmitting the temperature and strength of "People Bank" with practical actions.

At the same time, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank cares, caring in employees, condolences to all difficult party members and difficulties during New Year’s Day, Spring Festival; and hold the "Care Employee Health" online broadcast lectures, open up the micro-magic and healthy station "to popularize health, epidemic prevention Health knowledge.

At the fifth anniversary, in order to strengthen the consciousness of employee physical exercise, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank held "Evergiving Five Main Road, Youth Inspirational Bank", and more than 1600 participation in the whole line.

In addition, Changsha Rural Commercial Bank adheres to the policy of cultural and rapid cultivation and promoting corporate culture, vigorously promoting the construction of rural and civilian characteristic cultural system represented by compliance culture, struggle culture, honest culture, and love culture, using cultural values ??to express agriculture The belief, showing agricultural and letter, telling the story of the agricultural service, enhances the strength of the agricultural and service, and continuously improve the cultural soft strength, aggregate the positive energy of the reform and development. As of the end of September 202, the total assets were total assets, the total debt was 100 million yuan, which were increasing 100 million yuan, hundreds of millions of dollars. The deposits of billions of deposits, the balance of the loans billion yuan, respectively, from the beginning of the year, 100 million yuan, 200 million Yuan; non-performing loan rate%, compared to the early decline of percentage points. (Suifeng Yi Wenfangqing) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client download.