British Polish dispatched military card driver

In order to help the Cargo truck driver who retain the British Dover Port to returning to the home of the European 上海浦东品茶论坛 Continent, as of the 25th, the UK has dispatched 1100 soldiers to speed up the new crown virus detection and port pass speed, Poland also sent army medical care. The group provides new crown virus detection and food for the Polish driver. The British Defense Ministry said on the 25th that the Toward of Dolo was sent to Dover in Kent County, hoping to make Dover Port across the normal level as soon as possible.

The Prior Ministry of Defense has sent 300 soldiers. They helped drivers to complete new crown virus detection, checking vehicles and driver documents in port entrance. Poland sent more than 60 people in Dome, and took 10 new crown virus detection reagents.

Mihak Dwalchik, director of the Prime Minister of Poland, said that as of the morning of the 25th, Poland Medical staff had finished 1260 drivers 爱上海后花园 to finish new crown viruses. He wrote on the tweet: "We must let all Polish truck drivers go home." The British Traffic Minister Grant Shaphus said in Twitter on the 25th that more than 10,000 drivers have completed the new crown virus detection, currently 24 cases are positive; about 4,500 drivers have got a negative test results, and they can return to the European continent. He told the media earlier: "Our goal is to let foreign drivers return home as soon as possible." Due to the near future of the NLT, the new crown virus, the French government released the ban, from Paris time 21 Passengers from the UK from the United Kingdom in at least 48 hours, including shipper.

The ban leads to the original truck that is going back to Europe can’t leave the UK.

From the 20th, Long Dragon is found on the road to Dover Port. The France and the UK have been agreeing on the 22nd, and the French and European Union have been allowed to enter France from the UK on the 23rd, and those who have an emergency response from the United Kingdom into France. The premise is that they complete new crown viruses within 72 hours and the result is negative. .

The British said that France agreed to accept the test results of lateral chromatography.

This detection method is generally available within 1 hour. There is a week from 20th to now.

The British media reported that more than 5,000 trucks were still trapped in a temporary airport for parking lot and on the M20 road to Dover Port. Many drivers have complained that they eat less and drink, and the toilet is not enough.

The drivers are expected to 上海水磨干磨工作室 go home for Christmas, and initially rely on whistle and repeatedly switch the car.

Christmas is coming, they are still trapped in the UK, hoping to go home is completely destroyed. Some kinds of good residents surrounded food and drinks for drivers. Some drivers are bitter, with green beverage cans into a simple Christmas tree, sit around the "tree" with other drivers, celebrate Christmas. The French Ministry of Health said that the French reported the first case of infection with new crown viruses on the 25th. The infected person is a French, arriving in France from London 19, without symptoms. (Guo Qian) (Specializing in Xinhua News Agency).