Explore the construction site for the construction site of Guyang Tree Wall, Zhangjiakou City Chongli District

  The picture shows the national cross-country ski center technology building shot on September 16.

Hebei Daily reporter Yan Hui took Sovember 21, Beijing Winter Olympics ushered in countdown for 500 days. How is the competition venue in Zhangjiakou? On September 15, the reporter visited the construction site of the Guyang Tree Pavilion Group in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City. After 魔都新茶论坛 another autumn rain, standing in the top of the prince of the prince, I saw "Ice Circle" just like a silver necklace hanging in the mountain, the facade is a white center in winter and the country off-road ski center seems to be two pearls. Decorated on both ends of the "necklace", shining in the green forest.

  "In the provincial party committee, provincial government guidance, after the fight against the next day, the two centers of the country and the national off-road ski center have been successfully completed.

Jia Mao 上海300全套群 Ting, General Manager of the Guyang Tree Pavilion Group, General Manager Zhangjiakou Out Construction Development Co., Ltd. said that the two central tracks in the national winter requires extremely high slope and curve accuracy, and the national off-road ski 上海虹口868油压会所 center technology building is three, four layers like The same hanging is the same – carefully grinding, strive for fine, strive for every detail to perfect along the aerial corridor of the ancient Poplar farmhouse "ice jade ring" to the east, can directly enter the two central technology buildings in the country Building platform.

Standing here, look at it, the target of the valley is full, and the winding track is in the trees.

  "There are four layers on this technology building. When the game will be a place where athletes, technical officials are resting or departed." Jia Mao Ting told reporters that the two central tracks in the country were mainly distributed in the valley of the east and west, and the technical buildings and stands Located in the lower terrain of the mountains of the valley. Only more than a dozen meters away from the eastern side of the track, the ancient city is 蜿逶迤. According to reports, at the end of last year, the races of the two centers and national cross-country skiing centers in the country have been completed. Not long ago, the technical building, lighting project, etc. of these two centers were also completed. "Zhangjiakou Division Series Test will be held in early next year. In order to ensure that all venues are high quality, according to Zhangjiakou Division series test season, the builders can say that they are willing to drink, and they must strive.

Jia Mao Ting said that last year, in order to ensure the progress of the project, the workers have been fighting until the end of December.

After completing the work in March this year, in order to grab the period of time due to the delay in the epidemic, all regions simultaneously launched construction, and the workers implemented three classes, and the construction was uninterrupted 24 hours a day. Zhong Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou District Project Department, the head of the country off-road ski center project, Zi Jingqi said that this year’s work hours have been working, he has stared at the next day from the morning, in the afternoon. I will fight again for a while. In addition to the tightening, the engineering design is novel, the construction is difficult, and the "wisdom" of the builder is also tested. From the front side, the national off-road ski center technology building is like a "Lu" word, on the open platform of the second floor, only very small number of walls on the bottom of the four floors, far away Just like hanging.

  Sujing Qi told reporters that this structure can not only save construction space, but also increase the area of ??construction, and have good shock resistance. Compared with reinforced concrete structures, it is also more advantageous in construction cycles, engineering costs, environmental protection.

But from another aspect, it also increased the difficulty of construction. "Traditional buildings are generally under construction, but the national off-road ski center project uses Steel Frames – Central Support Structure System, complete the underground layer, the first floor and the center support construction, first, four-layer frame beam construction, then Construction truss layers and chains, the last construction ‘hanging’ three-story floor beam. "He introduced.

  No matter how much difficult is difficult, the awareness of the fineness cannot be lost, and the quality standard cannot be reduced. China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou District Project Department’s national winter two central project site leader Han Gang said that they strictly enforce the principle of "template first", before the construction, the sample construction is carried out, and the sample acceptance is passed through the rear. Area construction; each process is strictly checked, the measurement is incorrect and the supervision, construction unit technical construction person in charge, the on-site construction, the safety officer, and the safety officer can be constructed.

  In order to meet the high requirements for track slope and curve accuracy, the construction of two central tracks in the national winter is first contemplated by the International Snow Federation, and then measure, draw, construction, re-surveying, and then modify. In addition, there were no laying tiles in the two centers and national cross-country skiing center technology buildings in the country, but used water-fringed surface layers.

  "Although the tile laying is faster and simpler, the water grinding surface is more moisture, waterproof, dustproof, and the decoration style of the two venues is also more harmonious." Yu Jingqi said, in order to achieve the best results, they carefully grind, essence , Strive to be perfect for every detail. Both central technology buildings use hollow glass curtain wall technology, and strike a native tree in the construction process of the lightstick, and adhere to the green office, the whole process of sustainability is integrated into the venue. September 16th, Chongli The five or six major winds were blown up, and the temperature dropped.

The two central technology buildings in the country are in the wind position of the mountain. The wind whistling outside, but standing in the four-floor house, not only does not feel the wind, but also feels warm with the sun through the glass curtain wall. "The technical building of the country’s two centers and the national cross-country ski center, the use of hollow glass curtain wall crafts." Han Gang introduced that the three-storey technical building three, four layers in design, function tend to be a referee, technology Officials such as officials, the use of glass curtain walls can be observed very well. With hollow glass curtain wall process, it can better meet the stringent requirements of wind pressure, water tightness, and airtightness, not only reduce the loss of cold and heat, but also reduce air-conditioning load, reduce energy consumption.

  "Green low carbon can sustain" is the principle of construction of Beijing Winter Olympics. Interviews discovery that the sustainability concept has been integrated into the national winter two centers and the national cross-country ski center design, and building a whole process. Walking on the second floor platform of the two centers, if you tap the wall, you will hear the obvious "咚咚" sound. This does not indicate that the wall is hollow, but because the exterior wall decoration is used is a 20 mm thick GRC board (glass fiber reinforced concrete).

Between it and the wall, a prefabricated steel keel is also installed and a heat insulation material directly attaches on the wall to play a good thermal insulation. "The exterior wall decoration GRC board is more waterproof, and the construction is convenient, unlike traditional exterior wall decoration needs plaster, avoiding pollution and material waste caused by on-site gray agitation." Han Gang said that the internal block of internal blocks used It is an aerated concrete block brick. This material has the advantages of thermal insulation, insulation, lighting, compression, compression, construction and convenience, and the material is added to one of the industrial waste powder as a raw material, which realizes energy saving and thrust. And waste utilization. In addition to the use of green design and construction technology, the construction process has always adhered to the ecological protection red line and fully implemented green construction management. The two central game lighting projects have been successfully completed. Walk along the track, I saw a white light lever next to it. It is understood that there are more than 150 white light bars around the tracks of the two centers, only 97 in the surroundings around the two central tracks in the country. In order not to destroy the surrounding trees, adjust the position of the light pole and the track in the design construction process. A tree is not moved and destroyed during the construction of two central light poles in the country. Not far from the two centers in the country, the lakes that have been created in the water water flashed on the lake. In order to achieve efficient use of water resources, the Guyang Tree Water Group has built rainwater, surface water, and snow water collection system, and the collection of lake water will be sent to the snow. "The demand for chartering and post-match is used, and the two centers have set a large number of temporary buildings, such as the temporary auditorium, the security integrated area of ??the hood or container, athlete integrated area.

Jia Mao Ting said that these temporary architectures can be installed directly, and they can be removed from the shot after the game, and they can be recycled. (Reporter Zhao Ruixue).