Changsha County River Back Town: Party Construction leads the aggregation of aggregation to promote the development

People’s Network Changsha on November 17上海华亭品茶th, for the implementation of rural revitalization strategic work, further consolidating grassroots party organizational strength, playing party building leading role, leading high quality development with high quality party building, November 17, Changsha County Jiangdi Town held a party Organize the Centralized Signing Ceremony of the Co-construction Conference and Co-Construction Agreement, and the Party Organization of the Organization Unit and the Party Organization of "Two New" Party Organizations and Jiangtou Town 13 Village (Community) Party Total Party Party Branch Parties Participation Ceremony. "We have to give full play to its own advantages, form the new pattern of party construction work, resource sharing, joint development, to ensure that the effect of 1 + 1 greater than 2." At the meeting, 上海高档洗浴会所 the person in charge of the party introduced the unit. The situation, and in-depth exchanges on activities, resource fusion, innovation and development. Subsequently, the joint control ceremony, 13 villages (community) party organizations, and county development reform, county administrative examination and approval service bureaus, Changsha Yinghui Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd., Changsha Housing Provident Fund Management Center Changsha County Management Department, Jiang The party organizations of the Town Center Health Institute, Wuxi Hospital, Changsha Meihua Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have signed a joint agreement.

Zhou Qin, the party committee of Changsha County, the township, Zhou Qin, said that this ending is a new starting point, and the pair of party organizations should take this opportunity 爱上海同城对对碰女生 to implement the county committee county government "thirty and then starting, secondary entrepreneurship The guiding ideology of the new high ", give full play to the strengths of the two parties, integrate resources, pioneering and innovating, more results, more experience, create highlights, and promote the top floor of the party construction work to achieve a win-win situation.

"This sign is a solid foundation for the promotion of the grassroots party construction work in Jiangbei Town, and the next stage, the pair of pairs will promote the development of the village-level collective economy, boost the grassroots governance level, and build beautiful and livable villages to strengthen interaction. Communicate, with urban strikes, resource sharing, complementary, coordinated development.

"The relevant person in charge of Jiangbei Town said.

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