Fight, start in the cloud – Southern Aircraft Aircraft Aviation Against Shot Shooting Training

  "Time to take off!" With the tower commander, the air force aircraft in the southern part of the Southern Aircraft Aircraft Aviation, and a high-intensity shot shooting training kicked off.

  After arriving 杨浦区特色油压in the training airspace, the two "enemy" cars flew around and the battle was again.

Steering, stiffness, pulling rod … The pilot is driving a fighter to quickly seize the attack, flexibly adopt a variety of offensive and defense. "Intercepted!" After a few hoods, what locks the hidden target in the cloud, decisively press the launch button, complete a beautiful air to kill. The air warfare is just over, the fighter formation is quickly assembled, and the target training of the real-in-band shooting target training.

After a few minutes, the fighters arrived in the target area, and the falling height began to avoid the radar monitoring search.

"Discover the goal!" The pilot reported to the tower.

"Aim, shoot!" After receiving the command, the fighter quickly cut into the attack route, dive, aimed, locked, launched … The number of rockets whistling, the target was turned to smoke. Close to the actual combat, 砥 硬. The live shot training flexibly sets targets, and combines with air warfare, low-altitude protection, etc. Figure 1: Dump attack, straight tuning target.

Figure 2: The pilot prepared before the takeoff. Figure 3上海龙凤后花园 : The fighter is loaded.

Figure 4: Machine officers and soldiers are filled with animals.