Broaden the road to the young cadres to grow up (the governance said)

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Cultivate excellent young cadres is a big event, and is related to the party’s destiny, the national fate, the national fate, the people’s well-being." In recent years, Changde City, Hunan, China, China , The soil, such as protecting, etc. "Choosing a seedlings" in a wide vision, the soil of the young cadres grow.

On the one hand, the outside world has been introduced in recent years, and 4 doctoral students will be selected. 153 master students. Continue to inject fresh blood in the cadres; on the other hand, "seedling", from enterprises and institutions to select 189 Cadres to the city county organs and towns, from the township industry compilation, the universal village party organization secretary, to the village’s ex-duty selection, resident of the village to help the first secretary and resident work players, select 248 cadres to enter the township Leading team, let young cadres do talent, and it is appropriate.

Break the region, system, identity, etc.

With a wide stage "healthy seedlings", improve the mechanisms that the young cadres stand out.

Use is the best training, practice is the best stage.

During this year’s county and township leaders, 24 of the city and county two-level outstanding young cadres were working as a township (street) party and government, from the municipal direct office and enterprises and institutions, 22 excellent cadres to the park. Let the young cadres in the "first-line training ground" through the wind and rain, strong bones, and long. On this basis, establish a party secretary of the county and county, and organize the ministerial relationship to contact the young cadre system. Every quarter and the pair of cadres have been disconnected, and once a year to the unit of the cadres, a visit to the cadres, and urge them to promote the skills, do a good career. Adhere to the first line of excellent young cadres to the first line of economic development, the main battlefield for project construction, to serve the most basic level of the masses, in order to exercise, professional training, so that young cadres grow and career development, complement. "Protecting the seedlings" with a tolerant environment, supports the active person. Establish and improve your care mechanism, regularly hold the young cadre symposium, pay close attention to its ideological dynamics, help solve practical difficulties, and pay attention to the usuality, pour in daily; conscientiously implement the "three distant" requirements, , Explore practice, promote young cadres in the development process, from light or even exempted accountability, let them put down the burden; adhere to the development of the long-term development, establish the correct selection of people’s orientation, the 上海品茶自带工作室 ability to excel, highlight Cadres are placed on important positions.

The young cadres have ideas, there is strength, good and innovation, both strict management and tolerance, create more relaxed, tolerant, generous political environment, encourage young cadres to take responsibility, courage, good at breakthrough, to maximize their universal entrepreneurial enthusiasm . The young cadres redeveloped the great era. It is the bodies of the development of the party and the national career. It should work hard to become a large use of heavy-to-one, and will not live up to the party and the people’s expectations and heavy care. In the future, Changde will continue to grow up care of the young cadres as an important job, and further broaden the growth of the successful channel, so that there is more dare to take, and the young 全国高端私人预约 cadres have been in the new era, in the new era. The journey is brave in the process, and it is universal, creating a party, worthy of the people, innocent performance. (The authors are the secretary of Changde Municipal Committee, Hunan Province).