Doing qualified party members with "four speeches"

Original title: Taking the "four speaking four" as the ruler to make a qualified party Xi Jinping’s important instructions to carry out the "two learning and one" learning education, it emphasizes: "To highlight the problem or guide, learn to bring problems, and do it to do The problem is changed, and the qualified scale is set up, and the bottom line of the people doing things is drawn, and the pioneer of party members will be treated, and the power of belief belief is used.

"Learning" two learning and one "learning education is to promote the party’s internal education from the" key minority "to the majority of party members, from concentrated 上海魔都419论坛 education to regular education extensions.

The object of "two learning and one" learning education is that every party member, the subject of learning education is the requirements for every party member, learning education, determined to every party member, learning education, decided to every party member. Carry out "two learning and one" learning education, the foundation is learning, the key is doing.

It is good to learn well, and I have to see if I have achieved it. I have to see if I have the requirements of learning education into the conscious understanding of every party member. It depends on whether the goal of learning education is transformed into every party member conscious action. Communist Party members, is the title of unopened, is the sign of the pioneer model, which is a banner that is urgent.

"Two Learning One Do" learning education, the central government clearly put forward party members to do "four talks", that is, politics, belief, rules, discipline, morality, good conduct, dedication, and act.

To do a qualified party member, it is necessary to control the ruler of "four speaking four", consciously check the pendulum, solve the problem of itself, always control, often reflect, constantly calibrate your words and deeds, so that the ideological action is completely in line with the "four talks and four" requirements .

I don’t forget the beginning, I have to always. To strengthen the theoretical learning and party sexual exercise, strengthen political awareness, strengthen political awareness, and strengthen political awareness, and strengthen the spirit of the people, and stick to the spirit of the spirit of the Communist Party. "Calcium", After practicing, "King Kong is not bad". Only in this, I can sit in the "cold bench" in the hidden, the "steering wheel", and I have fear in front of the wind wave test, and stand firm in front of various temptations.

Doing qualified party members, to make the ideological problems, combined with work, to respect the party constitution, abide by party regulations, always tighten the string of rules, consciously learn the party constitution and integrity and self-determination, disciplinary regulations, etc. The General Secretary Xi Jinping is an important speech spirit, further strengthening the awareness of party members, in accordance with the party members’ standards. It is necessary to focus on party discrimination responsibility and requirements, maintain a noble spirit, stay away from low-level fun, clear what can do, keep the bottom line, and don’t touch the red line. I have to ask questions when I am here: Can I play a model with the ahead of all work? Can you dare to act in major challenges? Can you keep honest quality in front of the human relationship? A more detailed, is it able to strictly implement democratic centralism? Can you be able to participate in a double-necked life? Putting the initiative to actively resolve.

Party sex cultivation, ideological consciousness, moral levels will not 静安洗浴桑拿 increase with the increase of party age, need to be struggling.

There must be a spirit of "do not want to prepare, not as good as", look at the shortcomings of your body, find more questions. In learning education, every party member must effectively put himself in, checking himself, listed on the party’s standard, listing questions, with problems, and change the problem. Party members’ leaders cadres must be changed from me, take the lead to solve outstanding problems, do demonstration and appearance. Through the strict education of party members’ own efforts and organizational, they truly enable the "four-story four" standards and requirements to get rootting roots, ensuring that "two learning and one" learning education has achieved real results.

(Author’s Union Department of 逍遥网上海论坛 Renmin University of China) (Editor: Shen Wangyi, Xie Lei).