Guangxi Welfare Lottery Distribution 上海私人会所 Center on carrying out the 20021 3D Game Patient Award

In order to maintain the steady development of the computer lottery market, further return to the majority of buyers, through the research decisions of Guangxi Fucai Center, carry out the 2021 3D game faction, and now announce the following matters: 上海千花上海品茶网(1) Awards time 2021 August 17 Day – September 25, a total of 40 days.

(The 2021219 period, continuous 40 consecutive.) (2) The total amount of the award is 5 million yuan, from the general adjustment fund spend.

(3) Awards method award gameplay: radio, group three and group selection six games.

Awards: After the faction, the single note winning amount of the radio playing is raised from 1040 yuan to 1300 yuan, and the amount of the single note of the three games will be raised from 346 yuan to 43娱乐地图ylmap 0 yuan, and the single note winning amount of the six game will be selected. From 173 yuan to 220 yuan.

If the award bonus is used in advance during the award, the event is over; if the Afall Awards will continue to end the final phase, there are still remaining, the dealer is over, the remaining award bonus returns the general regulatory fund. Guangxi Welfare Lottery Distribution Center August 2nd, 2021 Source: Guangxi Fucai (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Zhou Yule) Sharing Let more people see.