CPPCC Hebei Province in 2021 determined 35 key proposals

Original title: Provincial CPPCC determine 2021 35 key proposals CPPCC Hebei Province in 2021 determined 35 key proposals of which nine provincial CPPCC Vice-Chairman of the lead supervision Recently, Hebei Province CPPCC thirty-ninth President of the second session discussed and approved the "list the provincial CPPCC key proposal in 2021" and "2021 provincial CPPCC proposals focus on the supervision of task decomposition opinions", identified the 35 proposals for the 2021 key proposals.

Among them, nine provincial CPPCC Vice-Chairman of the proposal, led supervision, and the remaining 26 proposals adopted by the Commission by 省政协提案 thematic consultations, negotiation counterparts, constituency consultation, open investigators and other ways to carry out proposals for consultation to promote the implementation of the handle.

9 proposal led provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman supervision are: "make recommendations on Traditional Villages Conservation and revitalization of rural heritage booster" "Take Measures to promote the law" nine into "legal literacy and improve the level of management in all areas of law", "About strengthen training highly skilled personnel assist "fourteen five" suggestions "of economic and social development of high-quality" recommendation on the promotion of rural living environment improvement under rural revitalization strategy, "" carry forward the revolutionary culture celebrate the centenary of the founding of Hebei "the" Winter Olympics as an opportunity to promote the sustainable development of our province snow industry, "" enhanced utilization of rainwater resources in Hebei suggestions to solve the problem of underground funnel "" standardization of sound strengthening grassroots CDC disease prevention and control system without delay, "" on promoting the healthy development of small and micro enterprises in our province advice. "

It is understood that, in order to further play an important role in good proposal to make 上海闵行东兰路kb suggestions Yew more useful and more effective consensus, 省政协提案 committee at the provincial democratic parties, federations of industry and other relevant units recommended on the basis of the Provincial Office, General Office of the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC relevant undertaker and various special committees and other extensive consultations, through recommendation, primaries, comments, political checks and other sectors, from the second session of the fourth session of the provincial CPPCC filing proposals, the selection of the 2021 annual key proposals. Among them, 10 economic construction, political construction 4, two cultural construction, social construction of 15, four aspects of ecological civilization. These proposals highly focused "Triple Quadrupole a five-optimization" activities, the 上海海选的场所 provincial government center, closely linked to promote the settlement of the masses hot and difficult problems of common concern, with a strong overall, strategic and forward-looking.省政协提案 Commission official said, 省政协提案 Commission will further strengthen the proposal in consultation with the Sponsor multi-sponsors, proposals for improving quality, careful research, and joint efforts to strengthen supervision, focus on innovation, and relevant proposals by key proposals the handle, made good demonstration effect "to run one, a unity" to promote the proposal recommendations into Huimin policy measures into a powerful driving force to promote the development of high quality for the "fourteen five" good beginning , a good start to make contributions to the CPPCC.

(Reporter plateau snow) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu 上海水磨洗浴kb Long Super).