Drawing the continuous advanced wisdom and strength from history experience

  The Party’s 19th China Plenary Session consider adopted the "resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Party’s 100-year Struggle". This is our party’s party’s sixth seventh conference in the 1944 Party in China, which has established a "resolution on several historical issues". In 1981, Party’s Eleventh Plenary Session of the Eleventh Plenary Session of the Party has made "resolutions on the party’s several historical issues since the founding of the country" Another historical resolution developed. On the occasion of the party’s 100th year, the comprehensive summary of the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience is a solemn historical, strategic decision-making, reflecting our party attaches importance to the high political consciousness of the use of historical laws, and reflects our party and firm. Continue to open confidence and responsibility. Be good at summing up historical and lessons, and constantly learn from the history of history, it is a very important successful experience in the Communist Party of China. Our party is a Maxist ruling party that attaches great importance to summarizing historical experiences, good at summing up historical experience. Every time I go to an important historical moment and major history, our party has to review history, summarize experience, learn from history to continue to advance in wisdom and strength. History is a process and is the result of the prerequisites, and it is also the premise of future generations.

By reviewing history, the history of history, the history of history, the history of history, the history of history, profoundly reflecting "we can succeed under what kind of conditions" "We have encountered setbacks" " What is going to do in a certain period of time, "can we understand" where we are from "," we have to start "," We are going to start " bright future.

Forgot history is to be betrayed, history of experience must be drawn, this is an important factor in our success in the past, will have to reveal our future work; at the same time, the lessons of history must be kept in mind, only to keep in mind the history lesson, can avoid repeating the same mistakes Prevent the repel of historical tragedy.

  Drawing historical experience and historical wisdom from the history of the 100-year party history, is a realistic need for continuous promotion of great careers in the future. The great history of our party’s 100-year struggle is deeply answered by the fact that "the Chinese Communist Party can".

Only by fully summarizing the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle can we continue to stick to our future, act as a mission, welcome various risk challenges, and create greater brilliant provide wisdom and revelation.

At present, the world is in a hundred years of nothing, and we face the internal and external environment complex and varied, although we are more close to any time in history, more confident and ability to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation, but national rejuvenation The journey is never smooth, it is easy, but it is full of thorns and bumps, full of unknown and challenges. Under the new historical conditions, the new journey of building a comprehensive construction of socialist modernization, in the new era, and develop Chinese characteristics socialism We learn from history wisdom and historical experience from the history of the 100th year. The Communist Party of China is the core and fundamental guarantee of our business, and the 100-year party history is fully explained, and the party is in the country. In the new journey, we adhere to the party’s leadership, enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", condense the consensus of the whole party, gather the majesty, ensure that the whole party’s step Advance, make great struggle, build a great project, promote great cause, achieve great dreams, need to learn from the history of history and historical experience.

Critical in China, the key is in the party, and the key is in adhering to the party to manage the party and strictly govern the party.

Pay attention to the party, the party can always maintain advanced and pureness, and the party’s cause will be rich in vitality.

Promote the Party’s self-revolution, improve the struggle and respond to risk challenge skills, and continue to struggle with the people of the country, and lead the people of all ethnic groups in the country to continue to struggle with the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation. We need us from a hundred years of party Learn historical wisdom and historical experience. Based on the experience of "ten persistence", further firm confidence, focus on what we are doing, take the new journey with a more high gesture, and make a new era.

The Party’s 19th National Plenary Session, for more than 100 years, the party leads the people to carry out great struggles, have accumulated valuable historical experience, which is: adhere to the party’s leadership, adhere to the people’s first, adhere to theoretical innovation, adhere to independence, adhere to China Road, adhere to the heart of the world, insist on pioneering and innovation, insist on dare to fight, adhere to the unified front, and adhere to the self-revolution.

This "ten persistence" is the successful experience of our party’s 100-year struggle, from the great historical practice from the Communist Party of China, from the history creation of the people from the people from China, the scientific theory guidance from China’s Marxism.

This "ten persistence" fully highlights the truth of Marxism and fully reflects the huge advantages of socialist systems and strong vitality, fully expressing the self-confidence and history of the Chinese Communists.

Do not shake these historical experience, our party can adhere to the right direction in the overall development of the Great Rejuvenation Strategy of the Chinese Nation and the World Centennial Unreportant, and the wind and waves are not sailing, and the scientific world viewing method is insisted. Magnificent blueprints, respond to risk challenges, leading the 上海贵族419桑拿论坛 people of all ethnic groups in the country to continue to open up the bright future of the great revival of the Chinese nation. History is the best textbook. We have to sum up historical experience, better grasp the historical law, recognize historical trends, keep in mind the history lesson, establish the correct direction in the new historical starting point, use a clear historical vision to look forward to the future, 上海洗浴哪里有特殊 constantly accept the nourishment of historical wisdom, Draw a magnificent historical blueprint, with the history of the future, create the future, burying the hard work, the courage to lead the broad masses of the people to constantly create new historical great indecisions.

  : Dong Zhenhua, Department of Central Party (Department of State Administration), deputy director and professor) of the Department of Teaching and Research.