Biden reiterated the "Taiwan independence" and the 上海新茶500左右 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  At the end of the first video meeting of the China Dollar, Xie Feng, deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accept the media interview.

  Reporter Question: I guess you said "an important issue" must be a Taiwan issue. The current Taihai situation is again nervous, affecting every Chinese heart.

The US frequently interferes with China’s internal affairs, step on the red line, and the majority of Chinese people are very dissatisfied. Xie Feng replied: Maintaining national unity and territorial integrity is the common will and firm determination of all Chinese people.

Taiwan issues are always the most important and most sensitive problems in Sino-US relations. It is also the issue of the heads of the two countries to communicate. President Xi 茶馆约会app官网 Jinping clearly pointed out that a Chinese principle and China and the United States were China and the United States. The political foundation of the relationship. Previous US Governments have clear commitments to this.

Whether it is the United Nations General Assembly resolution 2758, the three joint communiques of Sino-US, which clearly states the real status of Taiwan issues and a core content of China. That is: there is only one in the world, Taiwan is part of China, the Chinese people The Government of the Republic is the only legitimate government representing China. China is fully unified. It is the common wishes of all Chinese children. We are willing to strive to strive for peaceful unity, but if "Taiwan independence" splitting power provocation is forced, even breaking through the red line, we will have to take panic measures. On this issue of China’s sovereignty and territorial complete, China has no compromise. President Biden reiterated again in the meeting, the US adheres to a Chinese policy and does not support "Taiwan independence."

  Regarding the Taiwan issue, I still want to say more. As you said, the Chinese people have recently adopted a mistake for the United States, attempting to confuse, and a Chinese policy is strong. The Chinese government has repeatedly proposed a strict negotiation to the US, regarding a Chinese meaning and content, regardless of In the political or legal, it is very clear, concentrated in the official international agreements and documents of the three joint communiques and UNAMI 2758, which are not tamper, can not distorted, not to negate.

The resolution 2758, which "recognizes the" People’s Republic of China is the only legal representation of China in the United Nations Organization. "

The Legal Affairs Office of the United Nations Secretariat also confirmed in a series of legal opinions. "The United Nations believes that Taiwan has no independence as China", "Taiwan authorities do not enjoy any form of government status."

Sino-US three joint communiques are more white paper black characters.

The United States should abide by the formal bilateral agreement between China and the United States and the official resolution of the United Nations in the world. It is facing the facts and means of adhering to a Chinese principle in the world. In the international community.

Editor: Yin Shannan].